The 2018 NFL Season Thread


I agree about both.


And having the support of the home crowd behind them only helps that endeavor.

“It’s great to play at Arrowhead. There’s something about Sundays in Chiefs Kingdom that I’ve noticed - stores shut down and everybody is here for the game. That’s amazing. I’ve never been part of an organization that is like that where stores actually shut down to come watch the Chiefs play. This is an important thing for the community.”

I think I want the Chiefs to win the SB even more than the year Seattle won the big game. This city is so deserving of it.


Saints and Chiefs.

Wouldn’t surprise me if the Pats won just because I hate them but I’m done picking against Mahomes.


Love how Vinovich ■■■■■■ over the Steelers by not being able to referee then got playoff games. How the hell was he rated that highly?


We won!!!

NFC champs!!


Safe to say that the Rams MVP of the game is the ref who missed the PI call.


Bad call no doubt, but the game wasn’t lost because of that call. Jared Goff stepped up bigly.


True but, had the ref called PI on the Rams, the Saints will get a fresh sets of downs and run out the clock or score a TD.


The Patriots are heading to another Super Bowl after beating the Chiefs in a thrilling overtime game.

The Pats scored the GW touchdown on the opening drive, and KC didn’t even touched the ball in overtime.

Do you think that’s fair?


Rams and Patriots, then.

I’ll catch the highlights on ESPN when the game is over. Not a compelling enough matchup to tune in.


No, I most definitely do not. They can keep the “sudden death” aspect in OT for the regular season if they want, but no way for playoff games, especially one which determines which team wins the conference title and participates in the SB.

So essentially a coin toss determined the winner of a monumentally important game. Mahomes is likely to be the MVP, he’s the most exciting QB this season and set new records, and he and his teammates were never given the chance to respond to the Patriots TD was just not right.

Now all that being said, I have to admit the Patriots did an amazing job in the first half keeping KCs explosive offense from even getting a FG. KC then showed a lot of character by managing to come back and even briefly take the lead.

I wouldn’t have been so upset if the OT didn’t allow for sudden death. If KC had been given possession and failed to score a TD it would have been a fair end to it all.

Oh, and I instantly became a Rams supporter after the outcome, although there was controversy as well with the blatant PI that was not called.


Not really for me either, but we are hosting a SB party regardless and will still have fun.


That’s what I’m talking about! Welcome!


Thanks, and best wishes to your team.

On another note, the KC/Patriots game had over 50 million viewers, and was the second highest rated program by far, right after last year’s SB.

I guess the predictions of the death of the NFL were highly exaggerated. Now, if they can just do something in the off season to correct the OT rules, at least for playoff games. I read quite a few articles with writers who have the same opinion, so it’s not just me.


I disagree. True, there a many twists and turns during a game. Ebb and flow. Both teams had their moments or lack of them. But if the PI is called, Saints win. It was also a helmet-to-helmet personal foul. This is a game-changing call in the last 2 minutes. And it was obvious to the entire world watching the game. The Rams are a great team. But the refs gave them the Super Bowl.


I think the Saints should invite the Chiefs (or vice-versa) to play an alternative Super Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday. They might get more viewers. That would be fun, fun, fun.


There was no missed call. We all know that refs only blow calls that cost the Steelers wins. Every call for every other team is absolutely correct unless it somehow goes against the Steelers.


Sigh. At least the loss finally got Bob Sutton fired, which is almost as good as the Lombardi trophy.


I think you could be right. I’m not a bit excited about the big game, which is quite unusual. There almost always is one team I really want to win. This time I am going to be cheering for the Rams, but that’s honestly because their opponents are the Patriots.

The Chiefs game got monster ratings. Will be interesting to see what it ends up being for the SB.


90% of the country became Rams fans the second the Patriots won.

I like the Rams. They aren’t my favorite team but I loved them back in the Kurt Warner / Marshall Faulk era and there is nothing thats happened since to make me dislike them except jealousy that they have the best young coach in the NFL. Plus they were my preseason pick to win the superbowl, even if I did end up picking the Saints against them last week. And of course unless there is money on the line I’ll always root against the Patriots.