The 2018 NFL Season Thread


TD Dallas!


You realize the Chargers and Chiefs split this year, right? And the Chargers win was at KC? Look, I’m not saying that’s the most likely matchup, but saying it’s very unlikely is inaccurate.


The game wasn’t in January on a cold winter day, the Chargers did not have a bye and will be required to win back to back road games, Mahomes is hot, the team played well today.

Anything is possible, but it’s unlikely.


For me, it’s something I was taught at an early age by my mother. She and her brother in law (my uncle) have a long standing feud about the Cowboys. He’s a lifelong fan, she can’t stand them. Her influence was stronger on me. :wink:


That weather factor as it relates to warm climate teams is a myth born out if the days of the Tampa Bay Bucs futility in their early years. It was always brought up how they never won a game with the temperature below a certain point. The reality is they never won many games period, regardless of temperature. I remember a mid 2000s game with my Jags in Green Bay late in the year. All week I heard about how the “Florida team” had no chance. Well, the Jags clobbered the Packers that day. I remember laughing as they showed the sidelines late in the game. The Jags players were smiling sitting there in their short sleeves in the ten degree weather. The Packers players, on the other hand, had their large coats on and were huddled around the heaters.

And really, if you believe KC is the superior team by a good margin, you don’t really want to root for snow. Bad weather typically brings a better team down to the level of the inferior team more often than not.


Touchdown Rams. And that should be the end of the Cowboys’ season.


Should be, but they’re only down two scores with plenty of time. They do need a two point conversion, though.


As much as i hate that team, grudging respect. They aren’t going down quietly.


I didn’t say KC was superior by a big margin. But all things considered, they are the favorites to win the conference.


Is it just me, or is Goff not that exciting a QB to watch?


Cowboys are done, but that was a good game. I now have more respect for them than i do the Steelers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They don’t have the officials conspiring against them and giving them 100 yards in penalties before the game has even started.

The outcome tonight is what I expected, but was hoping to be wrong.

Anyway, got my wish earlier today, so am still happy. :partying_face:


Same here. My main desire was to keep the Cowboys away from the Super Bowl. Now if we can just get rid of the Patriots, it’ll be icing on the cake. :wink:


Oh, I’m with you on the Brady Bunch. They have been a great team for a long time, but I think their time is past now.


Boo!! You suck!:sunglasses:


Sorry, just not a fan. Probably has at least something to do with the fact they are probably going to keep winning the division for quite some time, and it’s the same one the Seahawks are in.


Not true, I think that division is going to be a hell of a lot stronger with SF, Seattle and even St. Louis improving a whole lot.


St Louis? That’s where the Rams are from.

Have you been parting a bit tonight? :joy:


What a pickup C.J. Anderson was!


Yeah, he’s good.

If Philly should win tomorrow, won’t it be another home game for the Rams?

I don’t expect the Eagles will defeat NO, but it’s not impossible.