The 2018 NFL Season Thread


I think both the Rams and NO will win next week. No idea about the AFC. The Patriots are certainly beatable at home. The Colts have been hot.

Really hoping KC advances though.


The Colts are crap. My hapless Jaguars beat them 6-0 not long ago. They were lucky to draw an even worse Texans team in the first round. Their fun ends next weekend.


You think the Texans and Colts are terrible teams? Even good teams botch it once in awhile, the Seahawks lost to the 49ers last month.

Anyway, I’m hoping KC wins because it’s been a long time since they had a winning team. And failing that, I’ll take any team not named the Chargers or Patriots.


That was very sad to see.


Well, first of all there are no terrible teams in the NFL, are there? The talent difference between the best team and worst team is minimal. That said, neither the Co!ts or Texans are playoff ready teams. The AFC South really isn’t really that strong of a division, despite the number of games they won this year. And truth be told, the Chargers are probably the best team in the AFC. Had the Chargers made the playoffs last year, they would have played us and probably won (even though we beat them earlier in the season). I was frightened of them then and they were my pick this year, even then. The rise of Mahomes and the Chiefs is sudden and could threaten that, but anyone from the AFC South was just fodder this year.


They are 10-1 since starting 1-5. You can’t win 10 out of 11 games if your crap. Yeah they laid an egg against Jacksonville but that happens occasionally to even the greatest teams.


Unless some team utterly blows them out of the water with an offer for Foles I’m keeping him next year if I’m the Philly GM. Wentz will only be on year 4 of his rookie deal which is only backup type money for a QB. Thus you can afford to pay Foles starter money.

And if Foles actually gets them to the Superbowl its Wentz I’m fielding offers for. Guy has been hurt two seasons in a row and while he’s been very good its Foles who got them one championship so far and has them contending for another.


Well, it wasn’t just one game against Jacksonville, it was a fumble away from being two. The Jags have blanked the Luck led Colts for six straight quarters. They scare no one except the slightly more lame Texans. They certainly don’t scare the Chiefs. Or the Jags, even.


My New York Jets had hired former Dolphins head coach Adam Gase as their new head coach.

You can feel the excitement from my fellow Jets fans.


Be prepared for lots of WR screens that go nowhere and jettisoning of star players who have a mind of their own.


I’m predicting wins for both LA, teams, KC, and NO .

I hope I’m at least right about KC and NO. Dont care about the outcome of the other two.


I predicting Chiefs and Cowboys Saturday. Patriots and Saints Sunday.


This weekend picks:

Indy over Kansas City. Indy has won 10 of 11 games. Even when they started 1-5 most of those losses were very close and decided at the end. KC has looked somewhat shaky the last month, albeit against good teams but Indy is obviously a good team.

Saints over Eagles. While I love the Nick Foles story the Saints are better.

Chargers over Patriots. Chargers are IMO the best team in the AFC and the Patriots are on the decline. Its River’s time.

Rams over Cowgirls. Like the Chiefs the Rams have looked somewhat shaky the last month but so have the Cowgirls. Rams have better talent across the board and a much better coach will make the difference.


My picks for this weekend:

The Chiefs over the Colts.
The Rams over the Cowboys.
The Chargers over the Patriots. (Really hoping I’m right on this pick.)
The Saints over the Eagles.


I will agree with those picks.

I am happy with the Cowboys season. They did far better than I expected and they won their wildcard playoff game. I fully expect them to lose to the Rams, but still I am happy with the season as a whole.


If I’m living in San Diego, I would be rooting hard for the Patriots.

I don’t know why any sane San Diego resident would be pulling for a team that deserted you. Okay, the “fans” deserted them first, but still.


It’s been snowing in KC and the winter weather advisory continues. That alone may help KC as the Colts play in an indoor stadium.


I think it will help the Colts far more as they have a far better defense and its going to force both teams to run the ball more and the Colts have better running backs.


Chiefs sure dominated the first half. Very excited for chiefs fans.


You went with this pick even after I warned you about jumping on the Colts hype train. This game went pretty much how I expected. Laughed through the whole thing, I did. Nothing like seeing a divisional rival bounced out in embarrassing fashion. Now I’m hoping the Patriots get clobbered.