The 2018 NFL Season Thread



Colts over Texans
Seahawks over Cowboys
Bears over Eagles
Chargers over Ravens


Indy looking like it’s not ready for the season to end today.


Very good news


Well so far you’ve called the first game right.

I’m wondering if Philly is going to want to keep Nick even if they dont make the SB. I think he’s proven himself.


The Steelers seem to have a few players with attitude problems.


The officials ignored a face mask violation against Russell Wilson.


Is Vinovich the ref?


Don’t know his name.


Baldwin and Lockett are amazing.


That was a great game. Great defense by both teams.

The onside kick was rather sad for sure.

I’m a bit disappointed the season is over for Seattle, but if they had to lose, I’d rather it be Dallas than a few other teams.

The Colts will play the Chiefs, we won’t know until tomorrow who Dallas plays.


The Chargers did not match up that well against the Ravens and lost to them 22-10 two weeks ago. This is going to be a tough game for the Chargers, but if they can get by with a win against the Ravens today, I think that they will be going to the Super Bowl for the AFC.


Foles has played great every season he’s played except the Jeff Fisher years and I think we can look back at those now and realize that was on Jeff Fisher not Foles. Fisher was a HORRIBLE offensive coach stuck in the 1980’s offense. He nearly derailed both Jared Goff and Todd Gurley’s careers with his horrible offense.

Not sure my Dolphins can make it work with the cap and the hit they are going to take when they cut Tannehill but I’d love to see him in Miami.


Yes, I agree. The Chargers Ravens game has been boring. Could be partly because I dont care much about either team.

Looking forward to the Bears and Eagles soon.


Chargers defeated the Ravens and will face the Patriots in the 2nd round.

A huge victory for the Chargers and their fan.


Don’t know why it only just now occurred to me, but there’s a chance (however small) that we could see a Chargers-Rams Super Bowl.

Both teams representing a city which seems ambivalent/apathetic about either one.


Chicago eliminated on a double bounce field goal miss. :smile:


That’s a hell of a gut punch for the Bears. Props to the SB champs for the clutch 4Q TD, and surviving another week.


Eagles advancing to the Divisional Round.

Say hello to a quarterback controversy in Philly.


I agree, I feel badly for the Bears fans to have the season end the way it did. It’s been quite awhile since they even made the playoffs, and a much longer time since a SB win.

Didn’t expect them to make the SB, but was hoping they would at least win today.


Of all the possible two teams to end up in the SB, a Chargers-Rams is one I’d want the least. Don’t care for either team, but hoping at least one is not from LA or from Boston.

I’m hoping for KC and NO.