Thank you to this board

I don’t know if this is the appropriate place or even if this is an appropriate post but I just wanted to thank this board and those who run it.

I know i am more of a lurker than a poster. There are many more posters who are much more prolific than me. But i feel like this place has been amazing for the past decade that I have been here.

This new iteration has its faults. Our debate has gotten a little worse but i personally don’t care. I am going to stick around because the posters here are fun. Even those with whom I wholeheartedly disagree

Thanks for all the hard work.


Less substance, more snark the problem?

I would like to second this.

I watched a performance today, at another place, that reminded me how much I appreciate this board.

This was the first political message board I joined, way back when it was 2007 and I was a 23 year old high school dropout working as a waiter at a pancake house in South Florida.

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This has all the makings of a JD Salinger novel.


I will definitely second that sentiment. I, too, have mostly been a lurker, but I value this place very much. For better or worse, it’s been an escape for me. I appreciate everything that everybody does to keep this place going, even though I never see or hear about all the hard work that goes into it. I, too, plan to stick around. I hope others do, too. Would hate to see this place die off any more than it has.

yes this board is fun and in my short time here i have learned a lot from people smarter than me


Ditto on everything you wrote.

A very heartfelt thank you from me as well. Although wev’e had our hiccups here and there, It’s been a great 10+ years,.

Yes. Thank you everyone.

Love you all!

I love this place. I hope it never goes away.

Agree with others. I have been on other forums off and on, but this forum is one that I have stayed on fairly consistently now for over a decade. We’ve had our ups and downs, but has been a great place to debate over the years.

I like forums with less rules - like my tennis forum which has a dedicated US Politics thread. We can pretty much say what we want and even swear. There is no filter.

Except for blatantly racist words, which isn’t tolerated at all, anything else goes.

We also have an ignore function, which I use on several posters.

This board is ok but I prefer boards that treat posters more like adults.

I have to really think carefully when I post on this board because I’m used to much different rules. Sometimes I do forget where I am, though.

Yes. I don’t always agree with the mods actions but I do appreciate that they’re here and put in so much time. I haven’t posted lately for personal reasons, but nothing to do with the forum.