Thank God for the U.S. Revolutionary war and the people’s fight to end slavery

I thought it would be interesting to note on this July 4th, contrary to the propaganda taught to children in government schools, some of the truths about our nation’s founding, and in particularly with regard to our Constitution’s three-fifths clause, which children are falsely taught by government school teachers made Blacks three-fifths of a person.

It is so sad that government school teachers use their position of power over innocent and impressionable grade school children, to fill their minds with lies and propaganda to create a hatred in their minds towards our Constitution and our nation’s founding.

The truth is, the injustice of slavery was not an injustice inflicted or supported by our Constitution. Quite the contrary! Upon the creation of the United States Constitution, as witnessed by Article 1, Sec. 2, Clause 3, a specific penalty was imposed upon those states having state sponsored slavery! Unfortunately, the constitutional penalty for state-sponsored slavery has been distorted and mischaracterized over the years by government school teachers who falsely teach our nation’s children the provision in question made " blacks three-fifths of a person."., and they do so for no other reason but to discredit our Constitution and bring shame to the founding of the United States.

But a review of the actual words of Article 1, Sec. 2, clause 3, which are used as a weapon to discredit our Constitution, reveals slave holding states were penalized by this provision which denied them representation in Congress in proportion to their actual population size—the population of slaves not being fully counted when apportioning representatives among the states, which diminished the voting strength of slave holding states in Congress!

In addition, our founding fathers provided a specific provision in the Constitution allowing Congress to tax the importation of slaves after the year 1808, which was specifically intended to be used to discourage the importation of slaves and help bring an end to slavery!

It is also important to note that after the Revolutionary War and the people of America gained their independence from foreign domination [the real culprit of slavery on American soil] the people within a number of the states, exercising their newly found freedom, quickly moved to share the blessings of liberty to all by abolishing slavery! For example, the people of Vermont took this immediate action in its 1777 declaration of rights, which declared “no…person born in this country, or brought here over sea, ought to be holden by law to serve any person as a servant, slave, or apprentice”. Likewise, the Massachusetts constitution of 1780 declared that “all men are born free and equal” and was used by the court a few years after its adoption to legally forbid any person to be held as a slave. And, in 1787, the Northwest Ordinance stated “there shall be neither slavery nor involuntary servitude in the said Territory, otherwise than in the punishment of crimes whereof the party shall have been duly convicted.” By the year 1788 all the states north of Maryland , except New York and New Jersey, had legislated to extinguish slavery, and by 1804 the remaining two northern states [ N.Y. and N.J.] had put slavery to rest.

Aside from the above historical facts, let us not forget that Fifth Column activist teachers took their propaganda to a new level during the Obama Administration and used our government school system and a captive defenseless audience to actually engage in classroom rituals, having the children singing praising to and glorifying President Obama whose Administration worked tirelessly to fundamentally transform the United States into a socialist paradise, similar to that of Cuba where the same kind of Revolutionaries took over and now rule over the people with an iron fist

Let us all take a moment now and sing praise to Obama . . .


Today’s Fifth Column media ___ MSNBC, NEW YORK TIMES, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, WASHINGTON POST, ATLANTIC MAGAZINE, New York Daily News, Time, in addition to Facebook, Twitter, Politico, Snopes, Fact Check… ETC., and countless Yellow Journalists who are socialist revolutionaries ___ make Russia’s old Pravda, [an organ of the old Communist Party of the Soviet Union] look like propaganda amateurs.


Two things.

The 3/5ths clause gave outweighed power to the Southern States based on being able to treat people as both property and humans to be counted for electoral representation.

Second… the future prohibition on the import of slaves into the US became moot the second that the Cotton Gin was invented.

I do agree that how the issue is framed is done in a rather simplistic way… both by those who want to completely condemn the Founders and by those who want to absolve them completely of perpetuating the sin of chattel slavery.

To me, the most interesting figure is Jefferson who wrote the foundational doctrine that we all aspire to, that all men are created equal and are endowed by their creator the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness yet at the same time profited off of slave labor… even taking a slave concubine and siring slave children.

Jefferson is representative of that great American contradiction…. The ability to imagine a just world but taking actions that are counter to that.


Someone I listened to on a podcast called slavery “the great opium addiction of its era for many of the founders.”

I think that’s a pretty simple sentence that explains it. Many of them (such as Jefferson) had a personal distaste for it as an institution. But they couldn’t kick the addiction. It was their very livelihoods. It’s what made the southern founders wealthy and created their livelihoods. And many of the northern mercantilist founders profited from the trade of its products to the old world.

It was America’s heroin for decades. No matter one’s personal feelings on it we just couldn’t kick the habit. Until the birth and expansion of the American abolition movement and then the Civil War. Which forced everyone to kick the habit cold turkey.

But even after the “rehab” many American wealthy and powerful men (especially here in the south) found other methods to at least get a taste of the former narcotic. Press gangs and the sharecropping industry. Which even roped in some poor whites alongside the blacks. It wasn’t slavery. But it was only marginally better.


Well this is an interesting argument.

So, now you are going to make stuff up and suggest the “three-fifths” clause did not diminish the representation in Congress of states allowing slavery to exist?

Come on man!


They are not “liberals” or “progressives”. They are Authoritarian Revolutionaries, the very kind who took over Cuba and now rule over the people with an iron fist.

The clause gave southern states more power than they should have had. It allowed them to count 3/5ths of their total slave population as “free persons” even though they were not actually free, nor persons.

Are you sure you understanding the math here? 3/5 is less than being counted as a whole.


But more than zero… which by definition… slaves weren’t persons so it should have been zero. However I understand this was the compromise necessary to get the slaveholding states to join the union.

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It gave the South more power in the Federal government to count as representation a class of people who would never hold political power.

Pragmatically speaking, the 3/5ths compromise was a necessary compromise. In 1787, even if the Northern States had the will to do so, they lacked the industrial base and strength to forcibly suppress slavery in the Southern and Middle Atlantic States. And the only way that the South was going to ratify the Constitution was if the North made compromises.

The North wanted slaves to count as persons for purposes of direct taxation, but not for representation.

The South wanted slaves to count as persons for purposes of representation, but not for direct taxation.

So 3/5ths was the compromise agreement for both.

Unfortunate, but there would have been no Constitution without that compromise.


Add to that that the prevailing wisdom in 1787 was that slavery was on it’s way out and would be resolved naturally in a couple of decades

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So, that turned out to be big bullcrap!

Additionally, But less power than non-slave holding states based upon population size . . . a very big victory in the fight to end slavery in the United States which began during our nation’s founding.


The Democrat Party Leadership has been angry, stupid and obnoxious ever since the Republican Party Leadership freed democrat owned slaves and put the KKK out of business. ___ Author unknown

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Slaves were considered property… not persons… not citizens.

The fact the south got to count property at all was seen as a huge win for the south.

Wrong. It reduced that power by 2/5ths.


The very truth of it.

Wrong. The Deep South demanded slaves be counted as one whole. John is correct.

And it wasn’t as “free persons”.


That wasn’t going to happen.

Counting property as “population”? It should have been zero…

for representation, not as

Wrong. Listen to @Safiel