Texas GOP admits their election bill was bad

Look at all that white privilege waiting in line. :rofl:


Oh, you really want me to

this one is almost10 years old.

Sure, go ahead. Prove it’s only a certain sector of society that has to wait in long lines to vote.

You’ve been doing a fantastic job so far.

Now actually do Texas.

Watch very little news on TV. when I do, it is usually local news.

Once again- you really need to use your logical thinking here. What Garland said DOES NOT mean that some white people don’t have to wait in line. The winter picture was 2020- very few poll workers worked, and smart people voted by mail.

The pic shows that white people have been waiting in line to vote for at least 10 years. I’ll bet it’s closer to 240. :wink:

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TV Man is on the internet.

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Everyone waits in the same damn line.


This is what he is talking about. In-state disparities.

Everyone is white, because it’s New Hampshire. An they’re waiting because of Covid. They could have voted by mail, since there were very few poll workers.

Oh, so you get to use other states to try and make your point, but others cannot do the same with pics to make theirs?

tsk, tsk

Seriously. Try hard.

Yes, you should. :wink:

Funny thing is, Massachusetts has the lowest black voter turn out in the country.

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Perhaps a study Garland was referring to.

More generally, Latino voters waited on average 46 percent longer than white voters, and Black voters waited on average 45 percent longer than white voters.

I think in general terms, addressing precincts that see historical long waits, regardless of who is voting there, is very important.


You’re using anecdotes to disprove bulk statistics?


No one likes long lines.