Texas bans abortion

The original 17 rights whittled down to 12 with 10 being ratified.

You are correct.


And … ?

I fully trust you are not so stupid that you don’t know you can make a counter argument to a counter argument.

Go pester someone else.

Not at all but if you got back and read… I simply stated that I DID NOT bring up animals first. Then you went on this weird tirade to show that I did… which is incorrect.

Also I stated that I do not think we should be compared to animals. We are far more evolved.

You can’t keep your lies straight. I quoted you directly.

Your posts are contemptible.

Dude relax.

Show many posts do I need to provide before you drop it?

  1. I didn’t bring up animals, I simply responded to a silly post with a silly post.

  2. Animals should not be compared to humans.

I never said you did.

I don’t disagree.

This handwave doesn’t change your previous lie that I pointed out.

Add to that your lies in other threads, and that becomes part of my contempt for your posts.

Go bother someone else.

Oh now I am a liar…

Post the lie… with all of its context.

I’ll wait. I don’t lie. My posts are here for all to see


And I already did.

Obviously you chose not to see it when I posted them. (Plural). You can’t even keep your lies straight.

Actually you didn’t. I corrected you. I didn’t start the animal argument.

Above are the first three exchanges we had on the subject.

From the beginning I stated that it was not me who brought animals in the discussion as a comparison. From the beginning I said we shouldn’t be compared to animals.

Then even you admitted that he brought it up… not me.

Here is me again saying the same thing I said from the beginning

Then this gem… you seem to lose track of the conversation here. @Call_me_Ishmael had the “dumb animals” counter argument to my post. That is what I was eluding to below…

More confusion on your part… again I was only referencing the original post he responded to with “dumb animals”

I could keep going but you get the point…

That’s a bold accusation to say I’m a liar. Not backed up by facts. It’s ok, I’m not offended.

I didn’t say you did.

Pretending I did that is a lie.

Then why focus on me? Not one comment towards @Call_me_Ishmael silly post.

Take up your issues with the originator. I’ve said several times we should compare humans to animals. We seem to agree on that. Which makes yours posts even more weird.

Almost like you want to argue for the sake of arguing.

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You two knock off the name calling and get back to the topic.

I already have. “Human being.” The fact that the fetus is human is indisputable. The fact that an abortion kills a human is indisputable. You have no case.

And as I said, none of your argument is pertinent anyway. The Texas law simply bans abortion after a heartbeat is detectable. It does not use the term homicide or murder.


Aren’t humans a more civilized species?

I’m not sure what “civilized” means in this context but sure. Sounds good.



So @SneakySFDude

Here is Texas agrument.

Replace abortion with gun laws and how do you feel about states determining their own conclusions about the constitutionality of their laws.

You can’t have it both ways.


The 2nd Amendment is incorporated against the states.

The courts have spoken, submit subject.

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New Jersey does.

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