Terrorist Watch List unConstitutional-Finally

I clarified.

Are you going to be a voice this time?

To be fair…you WERE in a much different situation then I was. Correct? And again…Thank YOU for your service. Something we don’t say enough around here to those who were in the military, are in the military still, because maybe we side with them differently…But Thanks for your sacrifice. It does mean a lot.

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Not really. I was doing something else. I thought about it, but I was too old and banged up.

I didn’t sacrifice anything, but thank you for your kind words.

I was “a voice” here back then, too. I’ve been against the “terrorist watch list” long before I joined this board, and that was 12 years ago.

Are you going to be a voice this time?

I have a voice.

What is it that you’re asking me to be “a voice” for?

Nope heller was full assed. You just dissent.

The majority of SCOTUS agreed on Heller. Therefore fully assed.

One day it will be overturned.

Lol. Don’t hold your breath sneaky waiting for it. We need all the posters alive on Hannity.


Nothing. Have a nice day.

Since I want to know the answer yes it is.

When libs wanted to add those on watch list to NIC…you remain silent. Don’t recall you being “that” voice.

Like this “lib”?


You “recall” incorrectly.

That’s right deflect.

If you say so.


I do say so.

That’s not what I meant. I’m talking about this next violation.

Well be watching. :wink:

ICE should be next.

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If you recall, I talked about due process as well on this. Not to mention the flak I received about that nasty Patriot Act coming around to bite us in the butt.

Now, if we can stop torturing people and locking them up indefinitely without proof we attempt can to live by the rule of law.

Remember “The Constitution in not a suicide pact?”

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Yep, I honestly have a hard time finding any positive policy spawned by 9/11; from watchlists to wars, everything feels like an overreach and ultimately a bad idea.

But yet libs are willing to do the exact same thing every time there is another shooting.


Yes I do.