Terrorism in Sri Lanka

Numerous Easter worshippers are injured and dead by bombing attacks in this island nation. Condolences to those with missing, injured and deceased loved ones in these inexcusable attacks.

Death toll is up to 200 and rising.

Jeez. This is terrible. Going to.visit a man and his wife later today who are from Trivandrum in Kerala state. Hope they didn’t have family or friends in Sri Lanka.

The news is currently dominating the websites of CNN, HuffPo, Daily Mail, MSNBC, NPR, and other online media. Religious extremism is a plague on civilized society.

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Check the twitter feed from the thing we have in White House.

One tweet for this tragedy and numerous ones about himself.

A true sociopath.

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Giggles isn’t going to let a little thing like mourning the death of hundreds at the hand of religious extremists get in the way of reminding us that he is


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A very sad day. Terrible.

The destructive ■■■■ people do in the name of religion (from emotional manipulation on the individual level all the way to mass murder) is much too commonplace and we’re much too resigned to it. And all for an intangible that can’t be grasped through any means but faith.

Sadly, I think many of us are becoming numb to this sort of thing.

Why do you assume religious extremism?

What are you talking about, in the context of this story?

Thats what the Sri Lankan Defense Minister has said.

I am asking you, in the context of this story, why you are assuming this was an act of religious extremism?

The LTTE is not a religious group, they are separatists and included Hindus, Muslims and Christians. Tamils are ethnic, not religious.

And it seems claims of their demise was premature.

Where? Was it in the OP article? I missed it, I’ll look again.

Looked again, don’t see it.

Can’t speak for Sneaky.

But Sri Lanka did have its own civil war for years that was more related to ethnic divisions than religious.

I read it here:

Sri Lanka’s defence minister, Ruwan Wijewardene, said the culprits had been identified and were religious extremists. He said suicide bombers were responsible for the majority of the morning’s bombings and that the wave of attacks was the work of a single group.

The hotels don’t add up. Neither does the history.

Ah, thanks. I’d wait and see.

Oh, I don’t necessarily believe him. But that’s what he said.

There has been significant religious violence in Sri Lanka as well, unrelated to the Civil War.

National Thowheeth Jama’ath, a radical Islamist group, made threats against churches 10 days prior to these attacks.