Terrible poll for Trump

This poll shows he is losing support from his base. A total of 57 percent say they won’t vote for him. To give you any idea, 47 percent said they wouldn’t vote for Obama in 2010 and that was true with the 2012 elections.

Support gets to the low 30’s and you can stick a fork on fat donald.


Mitch McConnell is a terrible, terrible human being, but–in his bottomless cynicism–the guy had a clear strategic insight during the Obama years: if things are ■■■■■■■ people are more likely to blame the president.

538 average is 40.2 today.

Even Trump’s favorite poll, Rasmussen, has Trump at only 44%.

Where’s Peak? I’m sure he could take the existing data set and show how Trump’s support is skyrocketing.


NPR. LOL. Good one.

Even his so-called base is tiring of his daily antics, constant lying, dangerous shenanigans, and complete lack of morals or ethics.

Fake news!!!

Polls can be rigged!! (I know, because I just saw a thread where Cohen paid to have some rigged)


So: Trump has boxed himself in, he:

  • is committed to an unpopular proposal
  • can’t get by the House (or the Senate, probably)
  • can’t admit he’s wrong.
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Lol at the desperation of finding one poll and making a thread! Lol!

I do wonder why he didn’t go the national emergency route. Even Republican congressmen wanted him to do that as a face saving move.

Except that didn’t work, and Barack Obama was re-elected. The Republican’s then shut down the government trying to repeal Obama-Care and that didn’t work either.

The problem with the national emergency route is that the funds for the wall would have to come from funds that have already been allocated to other things. So Trump would have to go to the military and say “Hey, guys, I’m gonna need to take $5 billion from projects you’re using it for to build a wall that we don’t need and most Americans don’t want. Oh, and you guys are gonna build it, too.”

I don’t think that’s a fight Trump wants to have. I could be wrong, though.

Guess he forgot to pay this pollster


Can’t file bankruptcy, either.

He’s got no outs, and it just isn’t fair.


He’s faired terribly in every poll EXCEPT THIS ONE for well over a year. The fact that this one has now been bad for 4 days is interesting.


Peek no longer participates in this forum, apparently. Even the most hard core trump lovers have to give up some time.

They moved to a place that fits with their political philosophy better. Think Stormfront-ish.

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That sucks, it’s like being a starting pitcher then being demoted to the Bullpen by you crappy manager.