TEHRAN’S TOUGH TALK: Iran Threatens to Strike U.S. Bases in the Middle East | Sean Hannity

A senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard official warned the United States that Tehran possesses the advanced missile technology needed to strike American military bases throughout the Middle East, adding their rockets could “strike targets” over 2,000km away.

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Do these people who are always fluffing their nuclear feathers realize that it’s 2018?! I just don’t get it. Ok, we’re all tough and we can all kill somebody (or a Nation), but why would we? Why would we want to in this day & age?
I understand what the Dems/globalists are up to, and perhaps it’s their stirring of some of these nations to keep matters upside down while they slip in with their agenda. It does make an effective smoke screen. To ultimately have a One World Government, you have to be able to manipulate & control the pieces on the game table.