Teenager figures out way to clean the trash mess left in our oceans by adults

He was 16 when he dreamed of this solution. Went scuba diving somewhere and saw more trash than fish. So he went to the college for a few years then quit, started this company based on his idea. Crowdsourced it and now it will launch into the ocean to collect the trash in July. Aren’t you glad kids are cleaning up after us adults?

Good job by the Dutch kid. People in California need to stop throwing trash in the water.

Article states that the majority of the debris in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is “ghost gear” - abandoned fishing gear.

Them fishermen ain’t coming from Montana.

You dare disrespect the famed tuna wranglers out of Kalispell?

Amazing kid, hopefully his generation makes a big difference. Now, back to Diamond and Silk.


Good for him. :clap:

hope it works