Tech question for SixFoot

I don’t have a like heart icon when I comment. I’ve been to settings but can’t figure out whats going on or how to fix it. So my question is: where is it and how do I get it back?



You don’t get a heart icon on your own posts. Do you see one on my comment? I don’t, but I see one on yours.

It doesn’t appear until someone likes your post. You can’t like your own post, but you can see who liked yours.

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:cry: :cry: I guess no one likes my posts…Good! :wink:


I see posts where a poster looks like he’s responding to his own post. That’s not how it happened in the thread.

It seems some quotes are attributed to the wrong poster.

Am I seeing things?

ETA: @SixFoot. I’m adding another tech question to the thread.

Operator Error

It’s not but thanks for the help.

I thought it was a bad not gate leading to a positive. I’ll try to find where I explained it.

It’s a glitch

From which

There is no recovery

If using the copy/paste quote function.

It depends on how you use the quote function.

If you are responding to one person, and highlight something in their post, then their name appears in the quote.

If you are dealing with nested quotes, and quote something from someone that has been quoted by someone else, the person who had responded to their quote is identfied as the person who made the statement.

It’s an easy fix.

Once you quote it, just go in and change the name back to the appropriate person.


…for explaining it.

Operator error.

Sure you can…

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Well sure, like that.

I like your posts, Roxie

Here… have a heart :wink:



Thank you for fixing my account.

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That is only to show you who has liked your post. It functions differently for a user’s own posts.