Teachers need to be babysitter - Kamala Harris thinks so

She isn’t forcing kid to stay in school till 6, the school day end at 3.

the program is for parent who can’t pick up their kid at the end of the day.

Way I read it is it is ALL kids. Doesn’t matter the home situation. If you have a kid in school it WILL be 8 to 6 no exeptions.

What about a family that has a stay at home mom that can do activities or other things with their kids during the time? Or a parent who doesn’t work 9-5? or has two days off during the week and works weekends?

It would certainly not be mandatory! Come on now.

Absolutely not. “Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris wants schools to extend open hours until 6 p.m., offering extracurricular activities.

"The school day would run normally from 8 a.m. and offer additional activities until 6 p.m. "

If I understand the plan correctly, it’s dumb. No way this goes through.

She should instead work on decreasing the work day, instead of increasing the teachers work day. I understand the problem she is trying to solve but this is not the answer.

The school would remain open from 8-6 they are extending the school hours for teachers to get paid in line with their union requirement.

the program will not be mandatory.

and having a parent at home is amazing, but this program is for those who don’t have someone to watch their children.

It’s afterschool care. That’s all.

The you’re reading it wrong. The bill does not say that.

That’s not the way I read it.

The SCHOOl day 5 days a week would be 8 am to 6 pm

That sure as hell sounds mandatory to me.

Why not put in here write up it would be optional for parents to have their studens in it?

Teachers who opt in would be paid, but participation is optional.

Tell me where it says the mandated school day of 8 am to 6 pm would be optional. Please and thank you.

The school day is getting extended so the teachers get paid for providing after school care, because teacher union have strict rules about working outside of school hours.

If the activities are EXTRAcurricular, it’s optional.

Then why not just flat out say that in the bill? Just make after school care free… the wording in this bill makes it seem like from 8-6pm there will be school curriculum delivered by a teacher.

I still think the better way is to make the work day shorter.

Please point out where in her write up it says that?

It is time to > modernize the school schedule—

Sounds like it is the FULL school schedule and students would need to attend.

Show me anyplace she says student attendence past class time into activities would be optional.

Nope. It says extracurricular activities after the normal school day, and teacher participation is voluntary. These programs are usually run by non- teachers.

Tell me where it says it would be mandatory for children to attend after classes end. I cannot find that clause in the bill you linked.

This law affects the school property and employee hours, not the class length and ending times.

It is obviously optional- why would they force kids who have a parent at home to stay and play chess or basketball? It says it’s a bill to help working parents.

Because teacher unions have strict rules about working outside of school hours.

No it doesn’t

It is time to modernize the school schedule—

It makes it part of the school schedule – the school day will run from at LEAST 8 am to 6 pm.

from at least 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday throughout the school year,