Tea Party darling announces run for the White House

If you’re a Tea Party Patriot, what’s not to love here ? Conservative Republican who got swept into Congress during 2010 Tea Party revolution - and later came to grace AM radio with his presence has called Obama a Muslim, thinks that Kamala Harris is allowed to say dumb things because she’s black and a woman.

And maybe this guy actually wants to do something about the deficit ? :dash:

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About time. What do we think his school yard nickname will be?

Well there was a nickname for Tea Party types but it was banned on this board , maybe Trump can borrow it :wink:

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Republicans had no choice with Trump vs. Hillary. Now that they have a choice, surely they will rise up and uphold their principles again.



Well, does his Maserati do 185?

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No dimocrats liked the other GOP in the primaries. trump was their guy right up until he beat hillary on election night.

Maybe you all want to praise cruz, rubio, jeb, carson… now that you know better.

Go ahead.

Hmm…a true conservative and tea party patriot running against fat donald. What’s not to like if you’re a trump supporter?

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Never heard of him. Must be a talk radio thing.

I have heard of him because back in 2011 he had a rant in a coffee shop that went viral screaming down a lady because of Dodd-Frank

Also, there’s this:



Alright then? :rofl:

Also, there’s this:


As far as cons go, this guy is as mean as it gets. Attacking Obama for cops being targeted

I remember that one! The cops killed the Muslim shooter with an IED! :rofl:


I thought it was…

Someone butchered that meme. The correct phrase is “The Aloha Snackbar”

The Tea Party is no longer cool. (Trump is cool.) And the National debt and deficits don’t matter anymore.

That’s Hawaiian :palm_tree: :beach_umbrella:

That’s part of the point of it. lol

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Is sloppy joe taken?

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