Tax money For Americans


And it will all be gone once the trade war really kicks in.

You’ll be way in the negative when that happens.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

I also hope you adjusted your witholdings this year. Otherwise, you might owe come next April.


Shouldn’t have to. I don’t do anything other than standard deduction (and a long term capital loss for a few more years).


Well enjoy your $18 dollars a week in newfound wealth (until it’s eaten up by tariffs.)


Hey if you think 18 a week is peanuts, you can send double or triple that a week to me :smiley:


I won’t give it to you, but I’ll make a donation in your name of $36 a month to a charitable foundation.

PM me.


For people living on the streets 36 bucks a months and working at factory’s, is a lot of extra money.


At a quick glance it’s about $2400 more for me compared to the 2017 marginal brackets. That’s filing using the standard deduction. Either way, I doubt it would go over 3k.


Police I would agree. But the other stuff leads to our benefit as well. Without the use of that infrastructure they wouldn’t be making as much, but all of our products would be much more expensive.


I’m not arguing that it doesn’t benefit us…i’m arguing that it doesn’t benefit us to the tune of what we keep trying to benefit them.

Also, they would still produce product, and they would also keep the price at least attainable or they wouldn’t sell anything anyway.

We need to stop acting as if large businesses aren’t turning record profits while the average wage for workers is going down.


I’m not arguing any of that. I just think it would be better served to just say the wealthy should pay more because they can afford more, instead of trying to come up with a different reason to justify it. Let’s be honest, a progressive tax is the best way to maximize tax revenue. Don’t try to put perfume on it.

But more to your point and what I quoted, lets say we did exactly like you said, how does that make the average wage for workers go up? I make roughly 200 dollars less a week than I did 8 years ago. And I’m talking real dollars, I take home a little over 200 dollars less. No raises what so ever.

Tell me what I gain by taxing the wealthy or big business?


I don’t think you should characterize it like that. A thousand dollars is not chump change. That amount can certainly help people.

Let’s make sure we are being mindful of perspectives here.


At thee end of the day, it wouldn’t matter if it was 1cent, or 1millions dollars extra given to each American. The Democrats at the end of the day would still find some way to try and turn it against Trump, and find the negativity about it. lol.


This thread reminds of the cheering that went on when Bush was sending out money while debt went up.

If a Democrat runs up debt you think things were about to crash.


If him giving me 250 bucks costs me 400 in added price, then did he really do me a favor?