Tax money For Americans


I wonder how many Americans were happy to get an average of how much was it back?
Like 1,200? That’s good for Americans, and the Economy also.
Geese, Golly, Gosh! I sure wish that thee Democrats would of done that also when
Muslims Insane Obama was in office, and the Democrats controlled the house and senate.
Why didn’t they?



I wasn’t talking about how much food stamps and welfare went up for single mothers, and middle class people. I was talking about taxes for the middle working class.
Not to mention the fact that while Obama and the Democrats were running the country we went from 11 trillion in debt to 19 trillion. Mind you, that isn’t millions, or even billions, that’s Trillions.
How do you justify the Democrats almost doubling the national debt? lol.
You would think with spending that kind of money that within his 8 years the rates of unemployment would have drastically improved under the Democrats, and not take until Trump got into office, and then the Democrats try and take credit for it. lol


Interesting…I got back 1500 less this year than I did last year.

3400 last year…1900 this year.


By the way…the debt went up 7 trilion over Obama’s 8 years in office.

Its gone up 2 trillion in Trumps first year and a half.

What say you about that?


That wasn’t Trump’s tax cut. You won’t find out how the tax cut effects you until you file taxes for the 2018 tax year in Jan/Feb/Mach/later 2019.

Right now however. I get $36 more of my money each pay check.
Right now my electric and natrual gas bills have gone down due to corporate tax reduction
Richt now my car insurance has dropped due to corporate tax reduction.


A whole $36. Wow, I guess you’re wealthy now. Meanwhile, the top 1% are saving millions. Winning?


1,000 dollars a year of MY money I get to keep. For what I make a year not bad.

Of course if I were making millions I would get to keep a lesser percentage (aka, the lower brackets were reduced by a greater percentage than the higher brackets.

Under Dem leadership I wouldn’t be seeing a tax decrease, but probably would have seen a tax increase.

An extra $1,000 of MY money I get to KEEP – Hell yes that’s winning in my book.


Could you say that dollar amount a little louder…the CEO of ExxonMobil couldnt hear it over the sound of dumping that change out of his couch cushions.

Actually, its presumable it was a housekeeper dumping the cushions…the CEO probably hasnt touched a coin in years…



Can we expect that you will never complain about the debt again, since it only cost us a measley 1000 bucks for you to apparently not care its going to explode?


I guess if I were at the point that I considered an extra $1000 a year a big deal, I’d be happy too. The way I look at it, you got bought off with chump change so the wealthy could get there’s.


I don’t have welth envy.


I’ll continue to advocate a chopping the the federal budget as I always have.

For example. Instead of an inflational increase, chop 5% off for the coming year. 5% from all agencies and all departments.

And I’m not sure if you were on the old board or not. If not, I can give you my proposed balanced budget amendment if you like.


So lets see here:
2017 tax rates were: 10-15-28-33-35-39
2018 tax rates are: 10-12-22-32-35-37

Lemme guess, you think the bottom 4 should be less in 2018 and the top two higher in 2018 right? Lemme guess you don’t think corporations should get a tax reduction at all right?


I think the reduction on corporations was a great idea I fully support.


How did you feel about the omnibus spending bill, which Ted Cruz and other “principled conservatives” voted for?


I fully support a cut in the budget, and I fully support a balance budget amendment.

I know those are as likely to happen as congress (both the R’s and the D’s) voting for budget cuts.

and you didn’t answer on the brackets for individuals. Should they all go down, or should only the lower brackets go down?


Neither do I…

I also dont understand the desire some people have to help out the one class of people who simply dont need it, and have time and time again proven they won’t do with that help what they claimed they would.


I don’t think any should have gone down and the top 2 should go up.


So you think those who make more money should be punished then?

Exactally why do you think that?

This should be REALLY good.