Tax Freedom Day

Today is tax freedom day in Alaska. A fortunate few of you have already hit that annual milestone, but also a few of you suckers won’t be netting any money until well into May. But regardless, enjoy it while you can. The Trump individual tax cut expires next year. :neutral_face:


I have no idea when Idaho’s day is, but the national day this year is April 16.

Tax Freedom Day symbolizes the day an average American theoretically earns enough to satisfy their annual tax obligations. Calculated by the Tax Foundation, it encapsulates federal, state, and local taxes, providing a macroscopic view of national tax burdens.

Do I still pay sales taxes on that day?

But of course. Lol.


Then it’s a stupid thing to call it. :rofl:


Yep. Lol. I think it’s rather stupid in general. I mean, it doesn’t look good to tell the masses they have to work more than 25% of a year just to pay their tax liability.



It’s in the link … April 9th.

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It is simply a representation of how many days worth of the fruits of your labor every year goes to the government rather than to you and your family. The national average is about 29.9% which equates to 107 days putting the national “tax freedom” day on April 16th.

And then we get taxed some more. :rofl:

No … the 107 days of tax are simply prorated over the whole year. The total amount of tax is the same.

Tax freedom day is symbolic. People can look at that and realize “Wow! I am working three months (or 3-1/2 or 4, or 4-1/2) of the year for the government!” (Much like the labor obligation of the common people who built the pyramids for the Pharaoh.) Time is something everyone can identify with. Well, at least most people can.

I thought the link was for 2013.

Yeah, I just noticed that too. The dates moved back a bit in most states (Alaska’s moved to March 31) since the Trump individual tax cut. But hold onto your hat … those cuts expire next year if Congress doesn’t extend them.

we are all gonna miss the crumbs Trump threw us.

meanwhile corporations are paying way less.


Time only matters when it comes to material gain, which is no real gain at all. :sunglasses:

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My day is April 24. About a 1-3 weeks longer than most states… that’s it? To enjoy this beautiful weather and terrain?

Kind of puts it in perspective. Thanks

20% is a mighty big crumb.

Time is money and money is a measure of labor. It matters.

to the rich.

to the poor 70 bucks.



I wonder where it would be in countries like Denmark and Norway, August 20th?

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