Tallahassee shooter an alt-right "Incel" homegrown extremist

The shooter real name Scott Beierle was part of the alt-right movement called “Incel”. Incel are exterme misogynist who view woman as the root cause for their failures.


In the video he said women were capable of “treachery” and “lying.” He spoke aggressively about women giving him their phone number even when they had a boyfriend and how angry it made him. He also mentioned a girl who cancelled dates on him. “I could have ripped her head off,” he said.

Eh…incels are gonna be all over the map honestly…

They seem to find comfort with the view of limited roles for woman and superiority of males. though i’m sure some of them are liberal but their hardcore views on woman limit their ability to gain support or find comfort in liberalism.

Incels aren’t driven by any other ideology other than illogical hate of the opposite sex due to mental instability and their lack of ability to relate at any meaningful level with that sex.

agreed but they find their home within the alt-right and its within that group they grow.

That’s true.

They tend to gravitate to the angry far-right though.

I know or have known plenty of left leaning men who are virgins…it wouldnt to take much.

I always wondered why it’s so hard for people of any specific ideology to unequivocally say no, you are not welcome and get help when these types of people try to latch on.

The far right is a mess, in every meaningful metric. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that incel-type behavior is accepted and sometimes even fostered.

I shouldn’t call it the far-right, although there is plenty of overlap.

Let’s call it the internet right. It’s more about anger and frustration than any actual ideology.

4chan/8chan are just two of many communities that provide zero redeeming qualities that would deem them worthy of existing

I would agree that alt-right has little to do with right wing politics in the modern sense, they are the fringe of fringe but they are becoming more vocal and much more deadly.

I agree that they’re becoming more vocal.

But I knew kids like that in high school. They’ve always been there.

The best thing for an incel is to get them off incel forums…

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The alt-right also has their apologists in the mainstream and that is the real problem.

The venn diagram over incels and alt right isn’t a perfect circle, but it’s close. This is the third or fourth incel terrorist attack in a few years. Coupled with the red hat terrorists, it’s a tough time in America.