Taliban on Trump withdrawal news: "We defeated world's lone super power"

"Taliban greets Pentagon’s withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan with cries of victory

“The 17-year long struggle and sacrifices of thousands of our people finally yielded fruit,” said a senior commander in Helmand."

Well, I guess the world’s worst terrorists organizations are gonna regroup, organize and thrive again. Hard to believe that the party that acted the most angry after 9/11 would elect a dummy that would let those terrorists off the hook.

Too bad Republican Media won’t show this to Dumpster Donnie.


choosing what NOT to talk about is definitely one of their greatest powers.

When Obama started the war on terrorism, I thought it was a bad idea. Obama, you cannot defeat the terrorists. He said that Afghans are a war that we must wage, but what about us? I do not think so. The Taliban is, in essence, a joke, so if we don’t laugh, there’s no problem. Perhaps if we ask them to succeed, they will, because the battle is not so good.


The dems love them some wars.

This is an example of the folly of putting hundreds of thousands of foreign troops and contractors along with the untold dollars into Afghanistan. The Taliban were routed by handful of special operators and internal Afghan forces in a few weeks back in 2001. We should have pulled up and left right then and we would not be hearing this kind of crap that people in the US will take the bait over.

Congratulations President Trump!

Everyone who wants Afghanistan as a permanent US colony raise your hand.

By causing us to attrition ourselves, but true nonetheless.

Everyone who “you-rah-rah’d” us into this mess raise your hand so we don’t lose track of you.

Not raising my hand. I was for leveling a good part of Afghanistan until they got rid of Bin Laden

How would ‘leveling’ Afghanistan have gotten bin Laden in Pakistan tho?


That’s your guys new talking point congrats

You know they found him in Pakistan, eh?

Eitherwho, I get a kick out of the death of the Weekly Standard occurring a week after Poppy died, and week before its former adherents start waving flags and hanging banners for bringing the troops home; To fight Mexicans, the former-future last natural constituency the republican party had to look forward to before declaring war on them.

If Karl Rove were human the realization of that reality should make his brain melt. Instead he’ll look out from his Hill Country perch out over the heads of all the CenTex veterans his ilk’s wars maimed, and wonder if his ham is done yet.


I don’t suppose it would. But it would have been an alternative to invading Afghanistan. How did invading Afghanistan keep him out of Pakistan? It didn’t.

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If only these newly found peacnik trumpists and republicans had listened to this guy 11 years earlier.

"…I am less safe, the American people are less safe, it is the policy that is wrong.

Tactical movements, shifting troops around, taking in 30k more, reducing by 5, totally irrellavant.

We need a new foreign policy, that said we mind our own business, bring our troops home, defend this country, defend our borders…" bell

Republican crowd boos, rambunctious ron paul kids go wild

CHRIS WALLACE- “So you’re saying we should get our marching orders from Al-Qaeda?”

Republican crowd goes wild, all republican candidates on stage laugh at Ron Paul.

RON PAUL- “No, I’m saying we should take our marching orders from the constitution”

republican crowd boos.

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I was called a traitor and unAmerican on this forum for questioning the invasion of Iraq…while I was deployed in Iraq. Now, all of a sudden, the board republicans who called me out are against our presence in the Middle East and Afghanistan.


I don’t the US should have ever invaded along with NATO and the rest as my reply earlier in the thread states. The US had it’s chance at Tora Bora and that effort failed for a few reasons. Arguably the fall of the Taliban (which did not require a massive invasion) and a discriminate bombing campaign forced bin Laden from Afghanistan, if not succeeding in his elimination at the time. Yes, invading Afghanistan and hanging around has been a tremendous and sad waste by numerous measures.

The dems new ideology. Trump hating hawks.

The pugs new ideology. Trump loving sheep.