Taking you all to the Beach today!

I am taking everyone along that wants to spend some time away from politics and things that separate us.
We are going to the beach, while some here have presumed that as retired USAF 60 years old I must live in St.Pete Fla. However, since I live in Otter Rock Oregon 4000 miles as the crow flies, and 5000 miles if you drive it…that’s how wrong they are about me.


Bailey will be our escort, she is crazy V.A.Companion dog that somehow fits me pretty damn well.
When you see morning through Her eyes you will see why no one else wanted her. OMG!
First, don’t worry she won’t be chasing any alligators…I feel so bad for that lady in Florida at the same time My Bailey is guilty of chasing Bears. Squirrels…imaginary things. She failed every test the V.A. required for her to be a certified as a Companion Dog.
When people think of Oregon Beaches the last thing they probably think is bears. Let Me Tell this, don.t come here and make that mistake. They are usually 100-200 lb Black Bears and have plenty of natural food to eat, but, don’t bother them, they won’t bother you…unless you have a Bailey with you…The first time we went to get certified…, someone said “SQUIRREL!” Just like in that movie “UP” She did a 360 in the air looking for the squirrel. She failed, Her attention was supposed to be on me at all times… and Shes does…until another animal comes into view…She doesn’t go nuts after
but she runs to them and acts like She is the best thing they will ever see in their life. A total camera ham. She loves everyone, more then she loves me it seems… but I know better. She is just doing what I would do if I were not handicapped. That’s why she is the perfect match for me.
So today we are going to take you to Our Beach and YOU ALL ARE COMING along if you a reading this. You can’t be mad when you get to the beach and the wind is hitting you at such and such miles an hour, it is so clean! The beaches are some of the widest and purest white sands in America. My fellow Oregonians would hate if the secret got out that Oregon is actually prettier and healthier than California.
The driftwood around here would make an artist dream of furniture so unique only the purest of heart would appreciate them. There are sea lions, whales whose breath breaks the skyline with mist of pure joy.
…and where is Bailey??? A flock of Huge pelicans flying just long the seashore are taking her north. most of you are looking at me supposing she won’t stop till she gets to Canada. … but watch her head…she is watching me…she may look like she doesn’t have a clue…but she is running for me so that I can Laugh out loud!
I am 60 retired USAF this is my dog, this is Our beach. This is Your America…thank you for coming along!

I heard you were 60 and retired USAF. Neat.

Nice doggy.

ty so much! Ty too for your service!

Ty Ty Ty so much she is the best…

I will have to say that I will take my CA coast over Oregon any day of the week, but I am an unabashed Californian. But then most people do not understand how large California is.

Although, I actually use the ocean, and not so fond of 5 mil suits with gloves and hoods: just as beautiful and water temps are much better. North of Santa Cruz has plenty of rugged coast that is indescribable from Oregon and Washington anyway.

I’m heading to the beach today as well. Enjoy your day.

Enjoy your day at the beach!

I live in a small beach town on Lake Huron in Canada love it.

Was on vacation last week. Spent time on the beaches of Lake Michigan and Green Bay (the actual Bay, not the city) with my dog and family and a friend in beautiful Egg Harbor, Door County, Wisconsin. My favorite place in the world, besides home.

Enjoy your trip. I love beaches.