TAKE THE POLL: Does NFL Controversy Make You Less Likely to Attend Games? | Sean Hannity

The National Football League continues to struggle after weeks of player protests during the national anthem. With ratings in a free fall and stadium attendance reaching new lows, we want to know if players who choose to “take a knee” during the performance of the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ impact your decision to attend future games.

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Nope. The PRICES make me not likely to attend pro football games.


Where’s the poll?

I would only be less likely to attend if Trump or one of his trained monkeys were planning to attend.

Yep, I could maybe once in my life go to a bears packers game at Lambeau but no way I’d regularly go to games

No, football is better on TV than live. Hockey on the other hand, best sport to watch live.

I hear tell the NFL Aid starting a program to help poor people sell organs so they can attend games…

“is starting”

Somehow autocorrect turned my “is” into Aid … which worked well enough I suppose except then the grammar was crappy.

Maybe they can sell their brains for the players

Nice poll…
I don’t go because I have a big screen tv, good friends, food and beer and bathroom at my fingertips…I watch at home.