Suspect in the death of a California police officer arrested

The sheriff blames California sanctuary laws in officer’s death… coddling criminals is not necessarily a good idea, but not allowing communication between local and federal law enforcement is worse…

From the article:

What sanctuary law in California prevents local authorities from reporting people to ICE?

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SB 54 if the DUIs were misdemeanors from what I read in the law.

Prayers going out for the officer and his family, co-workers, and friends.

I also hope the person who actually reported the perp for drunk driving doesn’t think that any part of officer Singh’s death was his/her fault!

Glad the scum suspect is in jail and that his accomplices have been arrested.

Hope he never sees another day of his life, except in court, without steel bars being between him and everything else.

Will be interested in the details behind his prior arrests.

Will be interested to see if Gov. Brown is full of crap regarding the perps alleged gang affiliations making an allowance for him to have been reported to Federal authorities.

I seriously want to know about the places he was supposed to have been employed, in California agriculture, and if they know whether he was knowingly employed as an illegal?

Lastly it will be interesting to discover how he actually entered the country?

All I want to know is what gun show loophole he used to get the gun.

Guns are awesome! Bet he is a staunch supporter of the second amendment.

Thanks for the info. I would support SB 54. It’s certainly not the reason that the officer is dead like the sheriff is saying.

Arriaga illegally obtained the gun he used no matter where he got it.

More likely he illegally obtained it from a friend or family member or perhaps a fellow gang member.

Yes it is.

Laws dont kill people. People kill people, lib.

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That people shouldn’t have been in this country to kill.

The sheriff must be a ■■■■■■■ moron with that opinion. Bigger problem is that a second DUI isn’t a felony with 5 years jail time.

At least the police can lean on the person that the gun is registered too to find out how he got it.

Oh, wait…

A persons immigration status doesnt kill people. People kill people.

DUI is a white crime. For what it’s worth. That’s how it is. No jail for that ■■■■■

You think California doesn’t register guns?

Sorry, I forgot about the voodoo magic that prevents guns from crossing state borders.

The last person who legally bought that gun should be held responsible for it.

Prove it did.

The guy that shot the cop is going to be held legally responsible for it. As he should be.

I agree. Then you can apply the same standard to car dealers who sell people cars that are used in drunk driving accidents. Sounds good, right?