Surprise! Inmigration Bill!

I like it! Well done ladies!

The legislation includes significant resources for beefing up security at the border, a priority for the GOP, but primarily focuses on creating a 12-year pathway to citizenship at a $10,000 cost for those already in the U.S. — a priority for Democrats.

I’m ok if they registered dreamers.

Nope. No-one who entered the country illegally should ever be eligible for citizenship. It’s enough of a privilege to allow them to stay. Minors… okay, if you were bought here under the age of 12 then 12 years after your 18th birthday you become eligible. Over the age of twelve but under 18… 25 years after you entered the country. Both of those providing you are never convicted of a felony, and no-one no matter the age, is ever eligible for any government support.

And before even that… finish the damned wall


Might want to look up “dreamers”

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What happens at 25 years that doesn’t happen at 12?

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What about them? They should be treated no differently than any other illegal. You know, equal treatment under the law.

Nothing, its two different groups with separate requirements

I guess these lawmakers are ostensibly unaware that we already have various forms of immigration law already on the books, much of which is not even enforced. Maybe lawmakers ought to look at ALL the EXISTING law first before introducing new legislation.


Significant resources for beefing up security is too hedge.

We need barriers and staff and to follow existing law.


How many votes is that going to get 'em?

Might want to do a little research.


I don’t need to research the way I think it should be.

“How to bail out a boat.” by Steel-W0LF

Step 1: bailing out the water does no good if the boat still leaks. Step one must always be keeping the water on the outside of the hull of the boat. Plug all leaks.

Step 2: all water that is inside the boat that shouldn’t be there needs to be removed to return the boat to its proper buoyant state. Allowing the leaked water to remain just weighs down the boat, and it’s never the type of water that’s beneficial or in the correct locations.

Step 3: once all excess leaked water is removed, you can then implement systems to bring water that’s needed on board properly where it can be screened and filtered as to be a benefit to all on board the vessel.


Not an immigration bill. Simply a bill for giving away citizenship as a reward for being here illegally.
What sort of compromise is it that says we will enforce the laws that the President has already taken an oath to enforce anyway in return for giving illegals the right to stay here? We did that in 1986. The amnesty was real but the enforcement never happened. It only became an invitation for more illegals to enter in hopes of another amnesty,
Fool me once….


Will the new law have a clause saying “we didn’t enforce the old immigration laws but we promise to really really enforce the new immigration law?”
And any new immigration law needs to address all the fake amnesties and put an end to that farce.
Forget this bill falsely labeled an immigration bill and simply elect a President who will enforce our laws.


Maybe lawmakers ought to look at the separate powers faithfully enforcing ALL the EXISTING laws first, before introducing new legislation.


Here’s some more details about this weak on border security and enforcement legislation:

The border security measures in the bill center on adding more personnel to the border patrol, funding for new equipment, $10 billion in enhancements for ports of entry, and funding local governments and non-governmental organizations on the border to help them manage the flow of migrants.

There will be zero funding for the border wall, as explicitly noted in a summary of the bill released by Escobar’s office, but “enhanced barriers” will be utilized by the border patrol under the bill’s framework.


solid NO

may as well “stop the spread”. In fact, isn’t that the democrat parties current position?

No? Fee fees it is then. It might keep you from contradicting yourself.