Suprising lack of stock market threads

You shoulda bought big yesterday. :wink:

Regardless of day average these are extreme volatility in the markets. To bad I was a toddler during the Reagan days read where the interest rate hovered between 7% and 13% at that rate I would liquidate my 401k and stick everything in a savings account.

Now though at 0% there is only a few options to store your money and savings accounts aren’t one of them.

Ha! But I don’t day trade like a lot of people here. I’ve got 20+years of watching.

And here we go for the good news in the market :+1:

"Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said he has “cooled down regarding the question of a NATO membership for his country”, which was a key reason why Russia went to war with its neighbor, the US’ ABC News reported on Tuesday.

The leader of the war-torn nation was also reported to have gone a step ahead in mending fences with Vladimir Putin, stating that he was open to discussing the status of the two breakaway pro-Russian domains of Donetsk and Lugansk which Moscow insists are independent republics."

So all this bloodshed 2 million refugees displaced all could have been avoided but wasn’t because of hubris. Thankfully cooler heads prevailed during the Cuban missile crisis in negotiations.

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Leave it to the Media to buy Putin’s story as to why he invaded.


40K !!!


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Do we blame brandon this week for this?

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I look at my portfolio 401k and think it needs to be protected by holy water, knowing how overvalued the market is yet to afraid to pull over to the side scared to miss the gains.

And this is regardless of who’s president (not political) the market, especially the tech sector is so overvalued it’s scary. I just don’t want to be there when the :balloon:bursts. I bought Nvidia back when it was $7 because I was into PC gaming at the time now it’s $940 this can’t last lol.

Assuming you have some time before you need to liquidate , I wouldn’t worry about it much. You can’t really time the market crash so I just leave it be. In the long run, growth is inevitable.

That’s what I been doing I turn 39 this year so I should have time assuming health stays good. But not going to lie I am invested heavy in tech as it’s the field I work in and maybe I need to talk to a professional because it doesn’t seem sustainable considering the market was 20k at one point in 2020.

It’s hard to justify a double in market value. I been meaning to talk with someone about being better diversified but at the same time haven’t because things have been so good with tech. Just don’t want to be there when the party ends

Having lived through several bubbles, I rest on the conviction that no matter what people think, the law of gravity will never be repealed Every bull market and every bubble ends. Start with the assumption that none of us are good at timing markets and diversify sooner rather than later.

You might miss the last part of the Nvidia run-up (man have I enjoyed that one!) but you will be better positioned for the long term.

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Wrong. It’s very easy to justify. Double value in 24 years is slightly less than 3% per year. Ordinary savings accounts used to pay that.

Incidently, inflation has eaten up 85% of that, making your return on investment only about 0.5%.

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Looks what happens when you reduce government spending.

I long ago made a rule for myself that I would never have more than 60% in the stock market nor less than 40%. That keeps me from going overboard when everybody is up on the market or panicking when everybody thinks there is no money to be made on the market. It’s been several years since I have added anything to the market and am still at around the 60% limit.
And congratulations on that Nvidia purchase back when.

But if you have it all in bonds, taxes eat up the rest of your “income”, so you can’t even keep up with inflation with bonds.

The post you responded to was talking about a doubling in 4 years though.

It depends on the bonds. Municipal bonds are federally tax-free.

You are right. I must have misread it … I thought he was referring to since 2000. It’s almost quadrupled since then … making the return about 6% without accounting for inflation. I have an old-fixed rate account that pays 6%.

He also devalued the country’s currency by over 50%, which helped it stabilize in value even as the price of basic goods jumped.

That being said places like Italy and Greece are now coming around because of tightning belt on social programs. But there’s were completely out of control like Argentina.