Suprising lack of stock market threads

biden ws dumb ass


When the marginally talented and age weary take on herculean tasks…You get Brandon.

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Stocks only go brrrr :rocket:, dontcha know?

Good time to buy though.

To be fair as the op stated when the market had even a bad day on the old boards we would usually get a thread on the market collapsing because of his incompetence.

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And quit printing money for multitrillion dollar spending plan after multitrillion dollar spending plan after multitrillion dollar spending plan.

Even Carter wasn’t this big of a fool.


Oil is down 2.4%

Only 47.6% to go. lol


Dow UP 100 points. Wild day.

Ended up +100.

Much ado over nothing.


The sky is falling…


The market is adjusting to feds tightening it will be bumpy for a bit but if anyone is hitting the sell button in panic well…good luck to you…I’ll be pushing the buy button


Wow lol. Crazy session.

That dumbass has cost me 1,000s since the first of the year.

Let’s Go Brandon!

This one was good crazy, the bad crazy is where it starts high and ends negative…we will see what tomorrow brings

Don’t forget, markets tend to crater on rumors of war.

1000 points on a 30k+ D.O.W.

The sky is not falling, despite all the silly attempts to pretend otherwise🙄

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Biden has absolutely exceeded my expectations…

He sucks way more than I thought he would suck.

And I was pretty sure he would seriously suck.


Meh. The market has only lost 6% since the first of this month. That’s just over half of what would be considered a correction, let alone a recession.

And as a reminder, the DOW was at 34,022 on December 1st. Close today, 34,365.

Looks like it ended up about 100 pts…This thread aged well.

The stock market has winners and losers; hmm, so do casinos.
Smart investors did their due diligence in protecting their assets against inflation long ago and even more recently when J’Biden became the candidate.
That ■■■■■■■■■ incompetence guaranteed a 7-10% jump in inflation.

Any threads on this subject would make Brandonites have to look in the mirror and see the error of their ways and I don’t think they have the mental cognizance to do that? It would hurt their feeeelings.