SUPREME SMACKDOWN: Trump UNLOADS on Clinton, ‘That’s Why She Lost’ | Sean Hannity

President Trump unloaded on his 2016 rival Tuesday during a joint press conference with US Ambassador Nikki Haley; slamming Hillary Clinton after she accused Trump of orchestrating a “political rally” surrounding Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

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what an insecure little boy…still talking about his opponent almost two years after the election.

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Hillary Clinton still driving Fat Donald to fits of apoplexy two years after he defeated her for the presidency. She is living rent free in Fat Donald’s fat head. I love it!


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So where was this alluded to “SUPREME SMACKDOWN” of Hillary by the Fat Donald?

I don’t see it?

What other President was so insecure that they were still obsessed with their opponent TWO years after the election?

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Most normal Presidents by this time had long forgotten who they had defeated. Unless they wished to call them up for some disaster presence like going to Haiti after the quake.

Trump is anything but a normal president. He is anything but a normal person. He is an asshat of the first order, a man-child narcissist, a bully who can’t stand not being the center of attention no matter where he darkens the hall.

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He’s working right now to ensure the MAGABomber is all about him.

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I am thinking, seriously, of getting some T-Shirts made that say:

Free The
MAGA Bomber
A True