SUPREME SHOWDOWN: Trump Creates CONFIRMATION Team as the Left Vows to Fight

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The Trump administration created a “confirmation team” Monday to help the President’s Supreme Court nominee make his or her way through Congress as liberal lawmakers vowed to fight the President’s pick tooth and nail.

“Teams of attorneys from the White House Counsel’s Office and Department of Justice are working to ensure the president has all the information he needs to choose his nominee,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Monday. “The Department of Justice is fully engaged to support the nomination and confirmation efforts.”

The President announced over the weekend his plan to unveil the Supreme Court nominee the first Monday after the Fourth of July holiday weekend, saying “I will be making my choice for Justice of the United States Supreme Court on the first Monday after the July 4th Holiday, July 9th!”

Trump’s comments come days after multiple liberal legislators pledged to fight the president’s pick, with Sen. Cory Booker saying there should be no nominee until after Robert Mueller ends his Russia probe.