Supreme court refuses to hear appeal of california sanctuary law

the court refused to hear an appeal to the california law that bars law enforcement from aiding federal agents in taking custody of immigrants when they are released from jail
only thomas and alito voted to hear the case

That’s because they just passed a law making it a felony to give aid to illegals.

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Most of the states with cannabis legalization also prohibit local and state law enforcement from aiding federal officials on that issue. This is not unprecedented.


The high court, ruling 9-0, did not resolve the legal merits of the dispute but faulted the 2018 decision by the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals as an overreach. The justices found that the 9th Circuit had based its decision on an issue never presented in the California case - the question of whether the law at issue was overly broad.

Cowardice on the part of the court.

Roberts should resign.

They tossed the decision so the law is back in full effect.

Build that big, beautiful wall…and start the beginning of the total end of this bull feces…amirite? :sunglasses:

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182 miles completed to date.

When they get the southern wall done it’s time to start working on the western wall.

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Is the check in the mail yet?