Supreme Court decisions for 6/18/18

Rosales-Mireles v. United States. by Justice Sotomayor, for a 7 to 2 majority,with Justice Thomas dissenting, joined by Justice Alito. Petitioner in the case is entitled to habeas relief from a sentencing error, even though the issue was not raised before the trial court. This decision is limited to “plain errors” at trial.

Chavez-Mesa v United States. by Justice Breyer for a 5 to 3 majority. Justice Kennedy dissents joined by Justices Sotomayor and Kagan. Justtice Gorsuch is recused. The District Judge’s explanation for refusing to lower the defendant’s sentence was adequate.

Lozman v City of Rivera Beach, Florida. by Justice Kennedy for an 8 to 1 majority with Justice Thomas dissenting. Lozman may pursue his retaliatory arrest claim.

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I am not including Gill v Whitford and Benisek v Lamone (both redistricting cases decided today) as I did a separate thread on them.

There was an order list today, with 5 new cases granted.