Supreme Court decisions for (6/14/18)

Supreme Court has added a decision day today:

Animal Science Products v Hebei Pharmaceutical by Justice Ginsburg for a unanimous court.

The Supreme Court rules that while United States Courts may give great weight to foreign nations interpretations of their own laws, it is not binding on United States Courts. The Second Circuit is reversed.

Minnesota Voters Alliance v Manskey by the Chief Justice for a 7 to 2 majority. Justice Sototmayor dissents, joined by Justice Breyer.

The court holds that Minnesota’s political apparel ban at polling places violates the First Amendment. The Eighth Circuit is reversed.

Those are the only two opinions today with no order list today. The Supreme Court will next issue opinions (plus an order list) on Monday, June 18.

ASP v HP, good call.

MVA v M, hmmmmm not so sure bout that one.