Supporting community theatres

I’m a big theatre goer, so I’m really sad about the fact that all my local theaters have canceled or postponed their productions due to the coronavirus.

Some theatres are going ahead virtually, for example the BETC (Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company) has performed a staged reading, ive via Zoom or Skype or perhaps facebook, of Bone Records, a play that takes place in 1950s Russia.

In Communist Leningrad, three childhood friends form an unlikely alliance to bootleg American records. As Soviet leadership transitions from Stalin to Khrushchev, new hopes arise that cultural censorship may end at last. But can these three outsmart the secret police, outrun the Russian Mafia, and keep from betraying each other til the transformation comes? A tale of smuggled music, stolen moments, and underground rock and roll during the Cold War.

Any other theatre goers being entertained by their local theatre companies?

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It’s not exactly “community theater”, but I have tickets to see Hamilton at the Kennedy Center this summer. Who know if that’ll happen, though.