SUNDAY NIGHT SHOCKER: Sea of EMPTY SEATS Stuns NFL in Week 15 | Sean Hannity

The embattled National Football League continues to hemorrhage fans at record speeds, with owners, players, and officials stunned at empty stadiums throughout the United States during the organization’s flagship ‘Sunday Night Football.’

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The No Fun League is off my list of fun things to do. Haven’t watched a game since this hate America crap began.

I discovered there’s more fun things to do than that after all. Funny, don’t miss it…

It amazes me how a bunch of millionaires who are paid by the fans think it’s a great idea to show their hate of our country & hate of many of their fans, then wonder why so many have stopped coming to games or watching on TV.

Funny how if you hate me, I don’t want to watch you play!

I don’t even know who won the super bowl. Just not interested.