SUMMIT SAVED? North Korean Officials in NYC Ahead of Summit

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A senior North Korean official departed for the United States over the Memorial Day weekend with the hopes of reviving the June 12th summit between Kim Jong Un and President Trump; sparking new speculation that the high-stakes meeting is back on schedule.

“Kim Yong Chol, Pyongyang’s longtime spy chief and a vice chairman of the ruling Workers’ Party, was spotted at Beijing Capital International Airport, where he boarded a flight to New York after first meeting with Chinese officials. As the Hermit Kingdom’s black operations chief, Kim has had a bloody hand in some of the rogue nation’s most notorious attacks on South Korea and even U.S. cyber targets,” writes Fox News.

The President welcomed Kim’s aide early Tuesday morning, saying “We have put a great team together for our talks with North Korea. Meetings are currently taking place concerning Summit, and more. Kim Young Chol, the Vice Chairman of North Korea, heading now to New York. Solid response to my letter, thank you!”

The potential summit was thrown in doubt last week when President Trump abruptly canceled the event; saying Kim’s “outright hostility” prompted his administration to withdraw from the meeting.

Back when the summit was first floated, (maybe it was on the old board), I predicted that one or both of Trump or Kim would do or say something that broke the meeting, and that it would be on-again-off-again through several cycles of such posturing.

My take on it was not to get too excited about it yet. If/when it happens, then it’s reason to propagate hope of meaningful change on the Korean peninsula.

For now, in my opinion, it’s still like two boxers dissing each other in the run-up to the actual scheduling of a championship fight.

This cycle was only round-1.

We still have to have one side throw stuff through the window of the opponent’s tour bus.

USa holds the upper hand here. Trump knows it. Kim knows it. The whole world knows it. I think this summit can happen, and I think good things can come out of it.