Suicide on the Kennedy Compound

I guess mental illness, most notably depression, knows no economic boundaries. Saoirse Kennedy Hill sounded like a generous & good hearted person. Condolences to the Kennedy family for this latest loss.

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I was under the impression that it could have been accidental overdose as opposed to suicide.

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its either an OD or a suicide either case its horrible for the family losing someone so young just one out of tens of thousands that will die from legal opioids this year.

legal opioid addiction is a public health crisis.

I wasn’t looking, but saw an article that said she had attempted suicide once before, so I guess that is the more likely scenario.

Sad, as she was that particular couple’s only child.

Gee, I don’t know. “Peals of laughter” and “finding humor in everything” doesn’t sound like depression. It doesn’t mention her being a drug addict.

Depression (with a capital D, a medical condition) is a funny thing.

People can act perfectly normal - even quite happy - because they’re trying to convince themselves they are happy. But in the back of their minds there is always this core of sadness.

If she did commit suicide I certainly don’t blame her - everyone should have that option if their life gets too unbearable for them, whatever the cause - but it’s a pity that she did not seek help if it was Depression.

Where in any of the articles is there any evidence that she committed suicide? Or that she was depressed? Or addicted to drugs?
I haven’t seen any of this anywhere.