Suicide machine in Switzerland

This is becoming in reality. Die peacefully in this machine.

I see this becoming more available in more countries. I don’t know what to think here. But I’m not that old yet so my feelings may change.

I guess it beats sitting in a wheelchair drugged up pissing and ■■■■■■■■ on oneself.

Yep I have zero problem with it personally.

You can get a CPAP mask with a hose and a little tank of helium for about fifty bucks.

Anybody remember Soylent Green?
Edward G. Robinson died 12 days after shooting his death scene in that movie.


Looks pretty cool. Can you do a free trial ? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Suicide Machine In Switzerland would be an awesome band name.

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Honestly I don’t know how I feel about this. Some (or rather, most) know my history with suicide. I am 6 months (189 days) out of the hospital; I’m working to get better. I don’t think anyone deserves to take their life, and I’ve talked people out of suicide. But in the same breath, I know how hopeless and helpless a person can feel when they are at their lowest point in life, so low to where you don’t feel it can get better, because things have gotten so messed up and complex.

I’m always torn about assisted suicide. Thus, I think I’ll sit out on this one.

You will have to be fully vaccinated to use it.


My own feeling about suicide is that the person will miss the 2022 kentucky derby.

I won’t be committing suicide anytime soon.

They will have to drag me to my death.

I won’t choose suicide consciously.


Finally, the perfect Christmas gift for your communist acquaintances.

Is there anything they can’t predict? lol


They missed Bidenflation…25 cents is silly cheap.

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It’s Swiss… I’m sure there are holes in it

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Great employment for serial killers…

Then there’s the slow version involving cereal fillers.

Or a bullet, still though the premise makes sense for certain people at end of life. I will restate I am ok for those dying in pain and all that is ahead of them is a miserable exit.

Most of us seen at least one of those. For people in that shape what they have been doing in Europe and in a few states including mine is giving a cocktail of barbiturates you just fall asleep.

It’s probably taken by some black metal band there considering I saw a band called “screaMing fetus” opening up for and act a few years ago while in Germany lol.

Great movie and great scene—as was the Simpsons version of it:

“I want to hear the Glenn Miller Orchestra and I want to see cops beating up hippies.”

Glen Miller and cops beating up hippies?

Good times, good times….