Suggestion for mod directions

There was a thread yesterday or the day before…I forget which thread it was now…

But I started it with a NYT article, which has a paywall.

I noticed some time after it that there was a mod note - I think it was @WuWei 's - telling me not to include the paywall article. When I saw the note, I added a CNN article.

I assumed all was good.

I just noticed in my email that I was actually banned yesterday for - didn’t notice that until this am as I wasn’t only computer much yesterday.

ban email said this:

You have been suspended from the forum until April 17, 2022, 5:00am.

Reason - Consumed disproportionate amounts of staff time

Posted in the thread several times after being told to correct it.

  • so, not sure what happened here as I corrected the thread.

If this is in regards to another thread, then I am sure which it is…

My suggestion is, when giving mod instructions could it also send a PM note? I missed the mod instruction in the NYT thread and just came across it by chance. If you come back to an active thread, it’s easy to miss posts, even mod instruction.

If this is not the incident for which I was banned, please let me know and I will edit as required.

Thanks, enjoy the day!

It was the reason, then it was realized that you had already edited with an appropriate link. Ban was lifted immediately after realizing the error. (I think you were banned all of 10 minutes).


But I could have easily missed that direction - in fact I did for quite some time. Any way a mod direction can trigger an IM? Or even a ‘post quoted’ indication?

I think this is a reasonable request. I hope it can be implemented.

We will strive to alert you through IM or direct reply in the future. We need a little try on your part to adhere to the board rules, and in this case, post acceptable links that don’t require a paywall. :+1: