Suggested social action strategem

Perhaps patriots should round up the homeless, bus them to the homes of politicians who are against having a southern wall, and tell them that the owner of that home believes that walls are immoral and are willing to take in and look after whoever manages to get into their property. Then, when those politicians call in the police to remove the homeless, as undoubtedly they will,picket outside chanting “No fences, no walls, no private homes at all ! Walls to keep out people are immoral !”

That’s a really great idea.

Top notch.

When Donald Trump was elected, I said that the liberals would do their best to make him have one term. It turns out I’m right. They make fake news and hunt for real things. They flood the country with illegal immigrants who vote in our election. They deliberately undermine the economy simply to make Donald Trump look bad. But a joke on them. Donald Trump doesn’t care if people get hurt. If the Democrats do not build the wall for Trump, he will never open the government again. It will drive the liberals crazy.

I see Laura Loomer has run with this idea. Great stuff!