Subscription / Subscribing to Threads

Two things:

#1 It would be nice to have a “Subscribed” option at the top in the same place as “Latest”, “New”, “Top”, etc. where you can click the link to see a list of threads that to which you have subscribed (or I guess here you would call it “Tracking”). I think now that “Unread” only shows if their is a thread has had a response but it list only that thread. It would be nice to have a running list. I often subscribe to a thread to return to it later to read or lookup a quote. (Of course you can to a post to the thread, but then you might end up with a lot of “.” posts just to turn tracking on.)

#2 How to you subscribe/track threads that you don’t post in? Often I will see a thread that I want to go back to but don’t have time to read in the moment. So I subscribe. How do you do this? (Of course you can to a post to the thread, but then you might end up with a lot of “.” posts just to turn tracking on.)


good idea.

at the end of a thread you have a “Normal” button (bellow the Bookmark button). click on it to change to a tracking option that suits you.

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Doesn’t that just take you to the bookmarked post?


Not sure if I am following.

At the bottom of any thread you have some buttons, including “Share”, “Bookmark” and “Flag”.
You also have a “Normal” button. If you click on that “Normal” button, you can change the tracking options for that thread.

I’m hoping there is a way to see a list of all the treads you have subscribed to either through (a) posting in the thread or (b) selecting a Track option.

It appears (unless I’m missing something) only new activity in the thread generates a notice… They don’t list all the older threads that have not had recent activity.


got it, and you are right. I cannot find a way to see ALL the subscribed topics/threads…

Thanks for the input and confirmation.



did some googling and found a possible turnaround…

if you search here in the forum the following keywords:


you get a list of the tracked threads

its not elegant, but it appears to work…

Thanks, I’ve tried it and will monitor as I track other threads to see if it works. Initial test looks positive.

Instead of doing a new search each time, I just did a browser book mark for: “”.

Instead of going to search and typing, I can just click the bookmark (which is what I had done on the old formum with a “Subscriptions” link anyway). I had like 4 different links in my personal bookmarks (New Posts, Subscriptions, Politics, and TTTM (which is gone anyway)) to go to the forums.

Appreciate the help.


glad i could help. good idea, bookmarking the search, thanks :+1: