Submarine MSDNC - Down Below The Stink Begins

Under water. Nearly out of air. The submarine analogy works quite well. Teflonnie Donnie is the left’s worst nightmare.

The desperation in progressive radical wacko Demcuckoo Land is palpable. Even here in Echo Chamber Hannity. November lurks just over the horizon and Battleship Trump still steams jauntily along!

According to smirking dems Trump was the least favored of the 57 GOP primary candidates. Then a lead pipe cinch to fall to Grandmother after she shafted Grampa.

After Trump was inserted into awfice by crafty commies…one faux demcrisis follows another, each more sinister and more guaranteed to do in Trumpy… and the FIX IS IN! Even the federal gubment is in on the frame! “Impeachment and beheading here we come!” they chortled. “An’ we’ll all watch on MSDNC!”

The latest faux crisis was the made up Trump/Putin plot. “WE GOT YOU NOW!” burbles the left.

And yet Teflon Don continues to skate…while making rude mouth noises at the left.


The hot summer SPEEDS along into fall and the MIDTERMS! The blue wave HAS FIZZLED. Evaporated. Poofed! Panicked dems are at loggerheads. amazed, astonished, baffled, befuddled, confounded, dazed, demoralized, disconcerted, and disoriented. The slimy walls of their doomed submarine is closing in on them. The air is foul.

Time is running out… “We’re losin’ the ship cap’n!” What is the plan Dan? What is the scheme? Give us the beans Chuck 'n Nancy. Help us oshucks MSDNC! We beseech thee!

Oh the humanity! Six more years of Teflon Donnie! Noooooooo~!

2018 Generic Congressional Vote FOX News Democrats 48, Republicans 40 Democrats +8
President Trump Job Approval Rasmussen Reports Approve 44, Disapprove 54 Disapprove +10

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Great! No worries. Be happy crappy!

Isn’t this like…one of the best jobs reports in history and due to TDS…54% disapprove?

K :sunglasses:

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That’s a frothy rant.

If by frothy you mean somewhat rabid…Yeah. It’s like that. Grrr!

I don’t get this “derangement syndrome” stuff. There was plenty to hate about Obama and Trump, no derangement required.

Of course you don’t get it Mx. Oryx. that’s one of the symptoms of the syndrome. Don’t worry. Be happy crappy.

The decibels of hate aren’t even close…don’t kid yourself. I would have been on the “hate” side of Obama but I didn’t hate him. He was a happily married man who never had a “smidgeon” of negative press about him that he was a womanizer or messed around. He was handed a bucket of economic feces and delivered to the next President an economy that was doing well and ripe for record setting. There were many nice traits about President Obama. There aren’t many nice traits about President Trump but…as a President…although he’s not surpassed Obama yet…he IMO will accomplish some necessary things that needed getting done that no ordinary politician could have accomplished and I love him for it. That being said…I can’t even begin to over emphasize the bucket of economic feces President Obama was handed. I can’t hate him ever…because of that all by itself.

Yes, I’ve never seen a politician engender as much hate as Trump does, though there were (and are) plenty of people who hated Obama. My point is that the 54% of voters who disapprove of Trump aren’t deranged just because they disapprove. Isn’t that what you implied?

Yes…but I tend to hyperbolize…though not as bad as my POTUS. :sunglasses:

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That is a primary difference between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives don’t hate. Liberals do. And if a lib will hate to the point of going psycho over one…they’ll do it for another. And you.

As for poor poor Obama… Give me a break. Children were made to sing songs about the oaf as if he were a God. He was lazy. Vain. Not a whit of empathy in him. He was an invention of white liberals. By himself he was not extraordinary. Just another rotten little socialist. And a mega proven liar. Boxcars and ocean liners of proof of that…on tape. We didn’t have to dream up conspiracies.

But hate? Nope. We (conservatives) didn’t wish him harm. We just wished him gone.