Study on Masks and Transmission - hair salon

Common colds and flu. And it’s not even close. I went from having a cold or flu every other month ( for 5 years) to not getting sick for years at a time once I moved away

*ex-professional ski-bum

In upstate NY you don’t need to wear a mask at your table or the bar area. Only employees must wear masks.

Where were you located?

I’ve lived in both Utah (edge of Little Cottonwood Canyon) and Lake Tahoe (Truckee/Donner Lake)

*I found out a couple years back that I worked with one of our conservative members when I lived in Utah (20 years ago)

Not possible. I have it on the authority of one of the forum’s very top thinkers that “masks don’t do ■■■■■■

On a note from reality, while local salons/barber shops had to close again after only being open for two days, I was able to get my hair cut during that window. Lost my incipient man-bun, but regained my ears.

Utah was on the list for a trip this winter. Never been though I have been skiing for decades.

As a family we also had a trip to the french alps planned. One a sick chalet at a charity auction. That certainly seems unlikely.

Looking to book a seasonal rental in S.VT and just try to make the best of whatever is open. If the resorts close again, we can earn our turns or just snow shoe and hike as the weather dictates.

Who was the forum member?

I would not go to a sporting event with 80 k in attendance. But if mask were worn there is a lot more normal we can accomplish.

This is a sensible approach when you’re with in the 6 foot radius.

Well no it simply confirms that most cases of transmission occur with prolonged intimate contact with someone infected.

There is little to no evidence of casual transmission.

Pretty common. You went repeatedly from an extremely cold and dry environment to a hot and dry environment which kept your nose and sinuses dry, cracked and open to infection.

Not necessary. As far as I can tell there’s still zero evidence of open air transmission except perhaps at protests where people are screaming and shouting at the top of their lungs spewing a whole lot of “fluids” all over everyone around them.

Sitting in a chair while someone has their hands in your hair for 30-60 minutes…that’s prolonged intimate contact.

And the study itself says teh second hairdresser caught it from the first from contact in the shop when their masks were down. Pretty casual.

why would you need to social distance and wear a mask? The mask is for situations where social distancing is not possible. You don’t need to do both at thye same time

The majority of medical professionals disagree

If you don’t have covid, masks don’t do ■■■■■ If you do, they prevent you from spreading it.

no they don’t. Maybe you should educate yourself. The CDC specifically says to social distance, and when you’re in situations where social distancing is not possible, wear a mask.