STRZOK DEFIANT: Anti-Trump FBI Agent ‘May Ignore’ House Subpoena | Sean Hannity

Anti-Trump DOJ official Peter Strzok “may ignore” a recently issued subpoena to appear publicly before the House of Representatives says the agent’s lawyer; adding his client will “testify soon” at an unspecified time.

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Surely the FBI would immediately fire Strzok if he ignored a Congressional subpoena.

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If he does not Show as Directed by Sepenoa have him Dragged there, I am Tired of all these people defying our Oversight Committee !

Evidently none of the guilty people on the left are going to cooperate in any way. If they weren’t guilty then they would be willing to testify. Isn’t that an old FBI rationalization for those that don’t come out and give the FBI information they want.

He could always offer an “insurance policy” on his unbiased testimony.

If he refuses,
He should be fired from the FBI and loose his pension.
He should also be arrested for contempt.

We know what the Truth is he didn’t like Trump and was looking to do what ever he could do to stop Trump by evidence of his text. The question is how much of his Bias was in at the start of the Mueller investigation.
No wonder the Investigation is getting hammered with lawsuits.
Strozk made it look like he had extreme Bias and may have influenced the Mueller investigation. FBI and Mueller should tell the boy to stop playing around and testify.

Surely “Pete” is not now the victim? Wait till “Andy” gets immunity the “Pete” will be crying for real…lol

He would then be in contempt of Congress and can be charged. This could be the open wound that fells the giant.

Why wasn’t Holder charged when he was found to be in contempt of Congress?

dragged to congress or face jail time. there is a jail in congress.