Stormy daniels' lawyer michael avenatti challenges sean hannity to on-air face-off

Should Hannity Accept The Challenge By Avenatti?

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  • NO

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Stormy Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, has challenged our host to a one-on-one debate, presumably regarding their mutual interest in the Michael Cohen situation. He Tweeted the following last night…

“We don’t agree on everything but we are both street fighters @seanhannity, which means something. Let’s set a booking so I can come on the show to talk about the case and the issues in the case. No BS. Just a straight up discussion by two men. Thanks for considering it,”

I believe both of these men are entertaining and intelligent. I think it could make for potentially good television to see them go head-to-head with one another, debating the current events surrounding the case of both Stormy Daniels and Cohen, and of course with regards to each of their respective interest in these cases.

So, what say you? Should Sean take up the challenge and welcome on the debate? And as a follow-up for discussion, who do you believe would come out on top in this debate duel? :thinking:

Taking up challenges…:smirk:

I’d say it’s a trap by Mr. Avenatti, who seems to know much more than what he is letting out. I don’t think our host should accept such an offer.


Not sure if this Avenatti cat is a good lawyer, but he does love the publicity.

“The event of the century! This Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!! If you’re not there you better be dead or in jail, and if you’re in jail - BREAK OUT!!!”

Seriously though, how is such a challenge anything other than a publicity stunt?

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That could be the case I suppose. But if Sean has done nothing improper (which is what I believe to be the case thus far) then why should he worry about what Avenatti may or may not know?

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He has a pretty decent record of success as an attorney it seems. And yes, he definitely loves the publicity. So, why did you vote “No?”

Look at the premise of your reply… That what Mr. Avenatti is focused on, it seems.

Because this guy is doing all of this for publicity. Frankly, I’m tired of seeing him on the TV.

I say no because just like leftist liberal progressives slip and fall lawyers are not capable of anything but BS filibustering. SD’s lawyer is all over TV so I say let him do his BS blathering somewhere else.

“seems to” but I have a feeling he is just bluffing.

I’d like to see Sean in an open, moderated debate with a lot of people. I suspect it will never happen.


I agree that it is a publicity stunt, but one that could benefit both of them and their desire for ratings. I think it would be entertaining and would tune in for it. Wouldn’t you?

Stormy Daniels and the Lawyer do not need any more air time.
I am frankly sick of them both.
The Lawyer been on like every Show and going on and on about the “secret Information they have” the “photo”

I wish Trump would just admit he slept with her, and the others. We all know he can’t be faithful.
She took money for Sleeping with him to remain silent regardless of who gave it to her. She choose to sleep with Trump and then take money.
I get she says she was scared of the threat but now she isn’t?
I don’t buy it.
She is getting huge publicity now and her appearances at gentleman’s club have risen as well as her fee. I have no issue with that but it is obviously its all about publicity. And the media is giving it to her.

So are you of the mindset that Sean has done something improper, and Avenatti knows this?

Gotcha. That is fair enough. I personally think it would be entertaining to see them go mano-a-mano.

I concur with this as well.

I am of the mindset that Mr. Avenatti thinks that there might be some wrongdoing, and is just trying to get our host to incriminate himself. Hence my advice.

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Well, it would be good for ratings, but there is some risk for Sean here…he probably should’t do it.

I see. There could be some legitimate merit to that as well. Good insight. I’ll have to ponder that. :+1: