Steve Bannon Indicted...Again

Looks like he will be indicted again for fleecing Trump voters. Trump pardoned him for the federal charges but these are separate state charges.

Citing people familiar with the case, the Post said the ex-aide to former President Donald Trump will face state charges that “will likely mirror aspects” of a federal fraud case stemming from a fundraising effort he helped spearhead. Called “We Build the Wall,” the endeavor purported to raise money to erect a barrier along the United States’ southern border with Mexico.



Country’s problems solved.

p.s. - I heard he’s gonna flip on trump and is sitting with prosecutors as we speak.


Bannon scammed Trump supporters out of millions of dollars.


And Trump pardoned him.

It is crazy how much Trumpistas overlook. There is no nuance here, no varying intetpretations of the facts, no privilege to hide behind…Bannon stole from Trump supporters, Trump pardoned him, and nobody cares

Trump supporters got double sodomized here.

First by Bannon’s theft.

And then by Trump’s pardon preventing them from seeing any justice for Bannon’s theft.



No prosecutor malice there.

Nope none.

The wall funding was a scam like so many others.

The issue here is prosecutorial malpractice.

Never forget what goes around…comes around.

Nobody wants that.

Time to move forward.

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Not hard to do.

Bannon and his accomplices defrauded Trump supporters out of millions of dollars. Others were charged (and pleaded guilty); Bannon was pardoned. He still faces state charges. But please—own the libs by defending him so he can continue siphoning cash from the MAGA faithful.

Seriously? I thought the issue was fraud. Why would you defend this vile slob?

So when someone scams someone out of their money they should not face any consequences?

The deranged psychosis is thick this week. :rofl:


I’m defending the scales of justice, not Bannon.

Don’t really care for him myself. Never liked Rush Limbaugh either.

Dems cannot keep pursuing their rivals for the same infraction that they get away with. Hunter Biden getting 100,000 a month from Burisma was worse. It’s his turn.

The good thing is that since he accepted Trump’s pardon, he has admitted his guilt in this fraud case once already.

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He has admitted he committed this crime. Let him off the hook?

It’s Biden turn…fairness isn’t just a Democratic campaign scam.

Here is a PSA for everyone.

Bannon is still acting like he is bulletproof, and this is a mere inconvenience. It will be so satisfying to see the look on his face when is convicted and locked up.

What- you’re accusing Biden of fraud? Why are you posting this?

Why? I don’t think the Gish Gallop is even intentional at this point. It’s more like a spasm.