Stephen Miller Interview on Face the Nation

Anyone catch the interview with Stephen Miller on Face the Nation? He was speaking at length about the border wall and how the government would absolutely be shut down should the wall funding Trump desires not materialize. Whatever, but the really fascinating part of the interview was Miller’s spray can hair job. It just seems super pathetic to go the Ronco spray route than to just own it.

Check it out:

Meanwhile ICE thugs kick over water left for refugees for **** and giggles probably at Miller’s advice. Party of freeberty indeed…

Just shave Stephen. No one will think less of you.

At least not for THAT reason…

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Holy mackerel that dude is younger than me.


Some real reverse-Portrait of Dorian Grey stuff going on there.

And if he’s willing to put that crap on his head, you know he’s on both Propecia and Rogaine.

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He didn’t sing Take the Money And Run.

I am still not fully convinced that he is human.

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He very much reminds me of a balding Mark Zuckerburg.

He would actually look even more sinister, which I think would be good for him.

Except for the fact that Zuckerburg isn’t a racist bigoted ■■■■■■■■■. At least not that we know of.

I agree.

Going after Miller for his hair is poor form. It’s straight from the Trumpeter “I have no argument and am a petty person, so will focus on superficial looks to make my point” playbook.

There was so much more in that interview and about Miller to go after. His physical appearance is literally at the bottom of the list.

We shouldn’t let Trump and his ilk drag us to his level with these petty insults.

That looks like that Hair In A Can ■■■■ they used to sell on late night informercials.

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Looks like the same stuff Lebron James puts on his hair.

Kid N Play 2018

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I find that picture to be in poor taste.


hahaha I didnt even see that was your profile pic. Nice job!

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Was a great interview… He needs to be elected.

Cons have such great thoughts.