Steele Dossier correct yet again - Cohen was in Prague in the Summer of '16

Well, well, well. The “salacious” dossier is once again proving to be very correct and very cool.

Turns out that Cohen’s cell phone was activated in the Prague area. This is damning information that Mueller most certainly knows and that he will use as a cudgel to pummel Fattie Donnie.

A mobile phone traced to President Donald Trump’s former lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen briefly sent signals ricocheting off cell towers in the Prague area in late summer 2016, at the height of the presidential campaign, leaving an electronic record to support claims that Cohen met secretly there with Russian officials

Do we all recall why Cohen was in Prague? Oh, that’s right, to pay off the Russian hackers with untraceable funds. Turns out there is electronic surveillance that captures the Russians talking about Cohen being in Prague at that time.

During the same period of late August or early September, electronic eavesdropping by an Eastern European intelligence agency picked up a conversation among Russians, one of whom remarked that Cohen was in Prague

So more information that validates the dossier. More information that lends credence to Fatso Donald having compromat that is being used against him (pee pee pee).

While I am a patient man, and will await the Mueller report, I think the traitorous Republicans might want to renounce Fat Donald, and begin swimming back to reality.

P.S. Please don’t tell them that we’ve got the beachhead secured with pillboxes and have no intention of allowing them to get back to the mainland.


If this is true, it’s really bad news for Trump & co.

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In before the Trumpists roll out to explain why Trump and his people lying to them on yet another issue is no big deal.


If true, this is a big deal.

Oh boy. I wonder why he was there.

“You got him now”

“Trump is cool”

Fake news.

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I wonder if Cohen continued to lie about this to the FBI. It’s way more serious than bank and election fraud. It is at the nexus of the conspiracy charges. Did he explain to Mueller why he was there with evidence that he was directed by Trump? Needless to say…conservatives continue to be wrong about the Russia “nothing burger.”

So is this cell data reliable? Apparently it is highly reliable.

I’m sure Mueller has all of this information already.

You know what follks, Ted Lieu knows what the ■■■■ this stuff means.

Treason is the word for next season. I am hopeful we can see a lot of Fattie Donnie’s buddies going to prison for life.

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Hillary Clinton stole Cohen’s phone and handed it off to Obama, who had it air dropped into Prague.


Not more reliable than this picture of a passport that Michael Cohen put on Twitter:

Suck it, you Deep State liberal media fake news garbage people!

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This is the Smocking Gun.

Next month is going to be pretty amazing.


Where there’s smock, there’s cofeve!


Uh, so yea, Patriot Mueller has been made aware of this information. Fatso Donald is getting pwned by Michael Steele, and it is ■■■■■■■ sweet to watch.

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Now lets be honest. Cohen may never have been to Prague. Now just outside of Prague is a whole different story…


Plus, last time I checked, there’s absolutely NOTHING illegal about a US citizen visiting Prague.

Libs are just grasping at straws.


Can’t wait to hear the after-action report on this from the Trump people here:

  • anonymous sources
  • Not illegal
  • Deep State
  • Uranium 1
  • Cohen’s a liar, so . . . this cellular data is probably dishonest, too (?)
  • TBA
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