Status of the FISA Court Documents

What’s happening with the FBI fiasco regarding the FISA court applications and the whole Carter Page, Russia/dossier/etc. It seems like all the investigative probe has disappeared. What’s going on?

Trust the plan.

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They were feeding you Fake News.

Before you make that kind of statement you might want to read Judge Rosemary Collyer’s
(Chief FISA Judge) two FISA options she has written. They are not flattering to the FBI/DOJ and these were written before a lot more information has come to light. Clearly this FISA court (FISC) was misled on many issues, and there is clear evidence that laws were broken in this process. While the Judge has made changes to the process, she is not the person who can investigate the “counter intelligence” operation.
She called their actions as “institutional lack of
candor” and that’s not a compliment! Hopefully Huber is doing his job investigating these matters. If not, the only other way we will get to the truth is with a special council appointment.

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Fake News.

You might want to read the FISA options and learn something aside from the words fake news.

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You have your opinion. I have mine.

Do you have a link?

I believe you’re conflating two different situations. Judge Collyer’s complaints were about the NSA, not the DoJ or FBI - and she is one of the judges who approved the warrants on Page.

She shut down the third party contractors that were allowed by The FBI to access the FISA 702 queries. Yes she was not happy with the NSA
because it was their information the FBI was accessing in unauthorized searches. But it was also Admiral Rodger that went to DOJ and FISC
When they became aware of all the unauthorized
querries. He didn’t try to cover it up, he followed the proper protocol. After he notified DOJ & FISC, DOJ submitted their fall 2016 certification knowing they were not compliant. The next day John Carlin submitted his resignation.

Again, do you have a link? I believe you are conflating different events.

You can find the April 26,2017 99 Page option @

Can you link directly to the document you’re referring to?

A search on that page didn’t turn up anything for me.

Waiting for new Judges.

Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I got lockef out of the forum for some strange reason. I was unable to copy and paste the link, but if you do a Google search for: March 2017 FISA opinion, you will see the listing for the website that will pull up the 99 page opinion. If you have any issues give me a shout.

If they want to go and harass the president and the administration, I think that would (be) the best thing that could happen to me because I’m a counter puncher and I will hit them so hard, they’ve never been hit like that," Trump said. **“You know what? I think that will help my campaign. That will be the beginning of my campaign as president.”

Trump said he hesitated to release the documents because his lawyer, Emmet Flood, had advised him not to - instead recommending that he wait for a more politically advantageous opportunity.

"He didn’t want me to do it yet, because I can save it," Trump said.

Hardy hardy har har.

That’s hilarious.

You think he’s actually read those documents yet?

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i dont think so
but there are other people who know people who read it example …digenova…giuliani… heritage foundation… and they speak regulary with trump

How have any of those people seen the documents?

Giuliani is Trump’s personal attorney. DiGenova is a clown on TV, and the Heritage Foundation is a think tank. None of them have the security clearance or need-to-know to see any of these documents.

Giuliani is not a clown he played a clown for reason and he is highly respected at the DOJ
as like Müller is leaking other people are also leaking
Example: if you watch interviews from digenova he says he has spoken with people who have seen they dokuments …