State Refuses Help From County to Clear Roads after Storm

Sometimes you just can’t make it up. Washington State DOT refused help from county road crews, to clear state roads in the same county, after a major snow storm, because that county doesn’t mandate vaccines. Snow clearing is a driver, in a heavy dump truck, with a large plow blade on the front and usually a spreader on the back of the bed. The driver of the plow truck will drive up and down the snow covered road, with no direct contact with people around him/her, and remove the snow from the roadway for safe traffic passage. And the state actually sought, and signed, an agreement for this specific help with said county back in November. But, because of stupid politics, road clearing was delayed, at the detriment to driver safety, until the state could contract and dispatch a private company to remove the snow from the state highway in that county.

Washington state refuses help from unvaccinated county workers to clear snow affecting supply chain


My state…Washington state people are out of their ■■■■■■■ minds. Those that are running it are extreme authoritarians. If you don’t bow down to libs demands they will punish you and innocent people around em.

Crazies are running that insane asylum.


This is just insane. They set up for help with snow removal because they know they will need help when, not if, a storm front drops heavy snow over that coastal mountain range. Those county crews were already out clearing county roads in the area and probably used that state highway to get to county roads off of it. So you probably had a bunch of tracks in that snow from the trucks getting to the county roads, then cleared county roads visible from the uncleared state highway.

Welcome to extreme libsville. That’s the society libs…specially forum libs want to create.

Totally ■■■■■■■ insane.

And you have rag from DC area saying they aren’t doing enough to shame those that don’t comply to libs demand.

It’s time we start shaming them IMO.

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The county driver would get paid. And that would be counter to the prog objective to cancel and punish anyone even associated with an organization that doesn’t bow to mandate.

These are truly evil people.


Transferring a few extra hours pay and truck fuel for the county, who already has the crews on station and working, vs a contract to a private company that has to get there before it can even start. Would love to see the bill from the private company vs the county.


Good that the more insane are sticking out when the opportunity for them is most lost.

Over vaccine MANDATES…insane is the only word now.

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Precisely…it’s their mentality to punish those that don’t comply to their demands. Classic authoritarians.


I really don’t understand those with such a mindset. Does not mandating a vaccination mean no one will get it?

Or that all affected will comply with it? Public and private employees are resigning over the issue.

In reading the link, though, it appears a major pass was reopened, and Kittitas County offered cleanup assistance in another area. Washington state reached an agreement with a private contractor that met their wishes for vaccination mandates. Where is the harm or foul here?

The state reached out to the county in November to establish pre-coordination for the county to help the state clear state highways. They did this because they expected a shortage of state assets during the winter. So they had a big storm, a lot of snow, and the county was out clearing county roads and asked the state if they wanted the county to clear a stretch of state highway in the county. The pass you are mentioned is on I-90, and wasn’t what the state refused to have the county crews clear. It shows stupidity on the part of the state. They have no idea if the actual county crew members are vaccinated, or not. And a plow driver alone in his cab isn’t a risk of infecting other drivers closed up in their cars during winter. So the state delayed getting a road cleared, and probably spent way more money on it because one of their counties won’t mandate the vaccine.

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