‘STATE OF EMERGENCY’: Arizona City Declares Crisis, Says ‘Overwhelmed’ by Illegal Immigration


Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/state-of-emergency-arizona-city-declares-crisis-says-overwhelmed-by-illegal-immigration/

The city of Yuma, Arizona declared an official “State of Emergency” this week; saying local resources are completely “overwhelmed” by the influx of illegal immigrants arriving daily with the ‘migrant caravan.’

“Yuma, a city on the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona, declared a state of emergency Tuesday, saying it cannot handle the crush of illegal immigrants the government is being forced to release onto its streets,” reports the Washington Examiner.

“There is an imminent threat on having too many migrant releases into our community,” said Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls. “It’s above our capacity as a community to sustain.”

The move comes weeks after President Trump declared a federal “emergency” along the US-Mexico border; bypassing Congress to secure funding for his long-promised border wall.

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I’m sure that the Democrat Politicians hate so many illegal immigrants and refugees flooding into this country and overwhelming our Nation with them.

It’s funny how Democrat Politicians are for protecting criminal Illegals immigrants,
gang members and such, but yet don’t want them in their places of dwelling/living,
or their precious Sanctuary Cities overran with them when Trump said why not
just let the current ones that are backing up the system in Sanctuary Cities. lol.